The University of Melbourne

Occupational Health and Safety Committee

Meeting Number 4/97

A meeting of the Occupational Health and Safety Committee was held in the Moot Court Room, Law School, on Tuesday, 21 October 1997 at 2.15 pm.


Prof B Sheehan (Chair)

Dr P Marley
Mr R Mason
Ms P Cardinaletti
Mr J Carmichael
Ms J Wedgwood
Dr M Bullen
Prof G Campbell
Mr G Suckling

Participating Observers

Ms L Ireland

Ms W Cooper

In Attendance

Ms V Jackson

Ms F Grant


Ms E Baré

Dr M Livett
Mr J Sempill
Ms M Harris
Mr J Colebatch
Mr B Greenwood
Dr L Huq

1. Minutes of Meeting 3/97

The minutes of meeting 3/97 were confirmed.

2. Reports from University Safety Committees

A written report listing other University safety committee meetings and arising issues was tabled at the meeting.

3. Action Items from Meeting 3/97

3.1 Safety Clauses in Position Descriptions

Ms Baré was unable to attend the meeting. Therefore no report was given on this issue. This agenda item will be carried forward to the next meeting.

3.2 Guidelines for Fieldwork

The committee approved the Guidelines for Fieldwork, including all appendixes.

3.3 Resale of University Equipment

The Committee noted that when disposing of equipment, the University becomes a supplier under the Plant Safety Regulations. The committee approved the proposed guidelines for disposal. The guidelines will be included in the Occupational Health and Safety Manual, Financial Operations Policy and given to Central Inventory.

3.4 Other people on University Campus

The committee discussed whether visitors to the University campus posed primarily an occupational health and safety issue or an insurance issue. It was decided that occupational health and safety hazards were not fundamentally different from those applying to staff and students and this issue was best dealt with as an Insurance issue.

3.5 Asbestos Report

This agenda item will be carried forward to the next meeting.

3.6 No Smoking Policy Extension

It was decided that the no smoking policy should be extended to include outside areas near air intake vents. It was suggested that provision should be made for smokers such as bins for cigarette butts being placed around the campus. Attention will be paid to those few staff who continue to smoke indoors.

4. Update Safety Information on the Web

A written report was presented. A letter will be sent to Norbert Riedl regarding the progress towards an internal/external University home page for safety information.

5. SafetyMAP update

Graham Suckling reported that the University's self insurance license had been renewed with the condition that suitable progress needs to be made on SafetyMAP prior to October 1998. This condition was placed on most recent renewals of self insurance licences. The committee decided to be more proactive in SafetyMAP implementation. More SafetyMAP internal auditors need to be trained so departments can have full internal audits conducted. The Risk Management Office was requested to prepare a briefing paper on issues for discussion on SafetyMAP with the relevant Deans.

6. Environmental Audit Report

The committee received a verbal report about progress on the Environmental Management project. Jo Wedgwood will email all Health and Safety Representatives requesting information on their departments environmental management strategies. This information will be forwarded to the Risk Management Office.

7. Report from Health and Safety Representative Meeting

A verbal report from the Health and Safety representatives meeting was received. There is felt to be an ongoing problem with departmental management not being supportive of health and safety representatives. (This is mainly occurring in departments where SafetyMAP has not commenced). The representative involved will be asked to contact the Manager, Risk Management Office to discuss the matter.

It was requested that the Risk Management Office and Occupational Health review the First Aid supplies issued by the Stationery Store.

It was requested that Health Questionnaires be put on the Agenda for the next meeting.

8. Annual Reports

8.1 BioSafety

This item will be carried forward to the next meeting.

8.2 Radiation Safety

A report on radiation safety was presented to the committee.

8.3 Evacuation of Buildings

A report about evacuation of buildings was tabled at the meeting. It was noted that the Engineering and Arts Faculty's compliance in the use of building evacuation procedures was low.

9. Any Other Business

10. Next Meeting

The dates for the meetings in 1998 and change of venue were noted.

The meeting closed at 4.00 pm

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 3 February, 1998 at 2.15 pm in Conference Room 1, Old Physics Building