• An incident just happened - what should I do?
    • Follow the sequence of immediate response detailed in OHS incident, injury and hazard reporting and investigation procedure
    • For emergency on-site assistance, see Emergency advice/response
    • You may also need to:
      • inform the manager of the work area affected, if not already informed;
      • seek advice on immediate actions required to prevent a further incident.
    • When immediate response is complete, report the incident.
  • I'm not sure whether to report an incident

    Staff, students, contractors and visitors should all report incidents.

    The following types of incidents should be reported:

    • Injuries or illnesses,
    • Incidents or near misses,
    • Property loss or damage,
    • Environmental damage, or
    • Theft

    if they occurred at a University of Melbourne campus, a University of Melbourne-controlled entity or while undertaking any University-sanctioned activity.

    For more information, see Health & Safety: Incident, injury, hazard reporting and investigation requirements and Health & Safety - Report, Record and Investigate an Incident

  • How to report an incident

    involving myself

    Report your incident by logging in to THEMIS. In your UOM Staff Self Service menu, go to Environment, Health & Safety Applications > Create new incident report.

    involving someone else

    It is better for the person primarily involved in an incident to make the incident report, so that the information is as accurate as possible. However, there could be reasons that this is not possible: for instance, the person involved could be recovering from an injury, or might not be a Themis user.

    All users can report an Injury or Illness on behalf of another person, by choosing Are you the injured person? = No while creating the incident report.

    However, if you wish to make another kind of report on behalf of another person (such as Incident or Near Miss, Property Damage, etc), the report will appear under your name (you can explain that the other person is involved, in the Incident Description field, if desired). If you wish the incident report to appear under the other person's name instead, please ask your Local Health & Safety contact to enter the report for you, as s/he has access to special functionality to do this.

    if I'm not a Themis user

    Non-Themis users should use the Incident Report to make an incident report on paper. The completed form must be given to a Themis user to be transcribed into THEMIS. Some suitable recipients could include:

    if it's a sensitive matter such as discrimination, sexual harassment, bullying or psychological injury

    Discrimination, sexual harassment or bullying

    Incidents that involve, or; are suspected to involve, discrimination, sexual harassment or bullying should be discussed with an Anti-Discrimination Adviser or Sexual Harassment Adviser in the first instance. An EHS Incident Report may or may not be the most effective channel through which to resolve these matters. Your adviser can help you decide whether you wish to make an incident report.

    Privacy for sensitive matters

    All information in incident reports is treated in accordance with the University's Privacy Policy. However, please be aware that information in incident reports may be viewed by the nominated supervisor (you can choose who this is while reporting your incident), and a number of designated staff with an OHS management role (this includes Local Health & Safety contacts and some staff from the OHS & Injury Management department).

    Incident Reports about sensitive matters that are deemed unsuitable for THEMIS may be made using an Incident Report form emailed directly to the Associate Director, Health & Safety.

    How to report a psychological injury in THEMIS

    If you wish to report a psychological injury in THEMIS, please make the following selections on the Incident Details screen while reporting your incident:

    • For Nature of injury, illness or symptom, choose Psychological
    • For Location of injury, illness or symptom, choose Head (excluding eye/ear/face)
    • For How did the injury, illness or symptom occur, choose Exposure to Psychological Stress Factors
  • Help with THEMIS

    I got an email I don't understand

    If you are the reporter of the incident

    Immediately after reporting the incident, you will receive two emails with the following subject lines:

    • Incident Report "20XXXXXXX" Acknowledgement - this is your acknowledgement of the report. No action is required from you.
    • Incident Report "20XXXXXXX" - this is an email addressed to the supervisor, asking him/her to respond to the incident. You are receiving a copy of this email for information. No action is required from you.

    When the supervisor acknowledges the incident, you will receive an email with the following subject line:

    • Incident Report 20XXXXXXX - Corrective Actions Entered - this email is informing you that the supervisor has entered some initial corrective actions for the incident. No action is required from you, but you may wish to review what the supervisor has written.
      • Note: you will not receive this email if the supervisor was able to enter all the corrective actions at once. You will only receive the "Corrective Actions Closed" email.

    When the supervisor finalises the incident, you will receive an email with the following subject line:

    • Incident Report 20XXXXXXX - Corrective Actions Closed - this email is informing you that the supervisor has finished entering all the corrective actions for the incident. No action is required from you, but you may wish to review what the supervisor has written.

    If you are not the reporter of the incident

    If you receive emails from THEMIS about EHS incidents that you did not report, the following explanations are possible:

    • Another person has reported an incident in THEMIS, naming you as the injured or involved person.
    • You made an incident report on a paper Incident Report form. Now a THEMIS user has transcribed that information into THEMIS.
      • This has the same effect as Another person has reported an incident in THEMIS, naming you as the injured or involved person - see above.
    • You have been mistakenly named as the injured person, or your email address has been mistakenly provided as the injured person's email address, by someone reporting an incident in THEMIS.
    • You have been nominated at the supervisor for an incident. This will be stated in the body of the email.

    The injured/involved person receives the same emails as the reporter - see If you are the reporter of the incident above.

    My incident has the wrong supervisor

    If your incident has an inappropriate supervisor nominated in THEMIS, please contact your Local Health & Safety contact, who can change this for you.

    The supervisor of a Themis incident must be a person with an active Themis Account containing an email address.

    Miscellaneous help

    Detailed instructions for reporting incidents are available in Quick reference card: Entering an EHS incident report.

  • See what corrective actions have occurred following my incident report
    • If you are a THEMIS user, to view the information about corrective actions that the supervisor has entered into THEMIS, refer to Quick reference card: Monitoring and reviewing EHS incident reports. The information entered by the supervisor can be found in the Incident Response and Incident Classification and Investigation sections of the report.
    • If you are not a THEMIS user, please request corrective actions information from the supervisor of the incident.
    • You may also wish to contact the supervisor informally to discuss the corrective actions.
  • I've noticed a hazard in my workplace
    • Report any hazards that you notice to your supervisor as soon as possible.
    • If the hazard causes an incident or near miss, please make an incident report in THEMIS. If no adverse consequences occurred from the incident on that occasion, you can use the classification Incident or Near Miss.
  • I've incurred costs or taken time off work as the result of an incident
    • If you are an employee who has incurred medical bills or taken time off work as a result of a work-related injury, please contact the Injury Management and workers compensation team as soon as possible.
    • Some property damage and theft may be covered by University insurance. Please contact the Insurance Office to enquire.