Frequently Asked Questions

  • Automated External Defibrillators (AED)

    Where are the Automated External Defibrillators (AED) located?

    Parkville and Southbank AED locations. First Aiders are encouraged to visit their nearest AED to ensure they are familiar with the location.

  • First Aiders

    How many First Aiders do I need?

    The number of first aiders required depends on the numbers of people expected to be working in the area.

    1 first aider per 10 – 50 staff.

    2 first aiders per 51 – 100 staff.

    1 additional first aider for every additional 100 staff.

    A First Aid risk assessment (Example Office Based First Aid Risk Assessment) should be undertaken for each new area and then should be stored in the Health and Safety folder for the area.

    How are First Aiders trained?

    First Aiders need to complete HLTAID003 - Provide First Aid (also known as Level 2). This is a one day course (with a pre-course workbook to be completed). This course will need to be completed every three years.

    A CPR refresher course, HLTAID001 – Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, needs to be completed annually.

    Both courses run by an external training provider (First Aid Management and Training) and are held on campus. For more information, email Anne Parker, from First Aid Management and Training or phone +61 3 9894 1013.

    Further details including course dates can be found on the Staff Hub.

    How is the First Aid Training paid for?

    This course is paid for by your local area. To pay the invoice go to iProcurement on Themis and select Non-Catalogue item. The supplier name is ‘First Aid Management and Training'.

  • First Aid Kits

    How do I purchase a first aid kit?

    The UoM preferred supplier for first aid supplies is Livingstone. Livingstone offers a wide range of kits and replenishment stock at greatly reduced prices. The catalogue and pricing can be found on the iProcurement page on the Staff Hub.

    How often do we need to check our first aid kit?

    Each first aid kit should be checked every 6 months using the First Aid checklist to replace any expired or used items. Individual replacement stock can be purchased via iProcurement.

  • Emergency Information for General Display

    What emergency information should be put on the walls in workplace?

    The following information should be put in a visible location near the fire indicator panel and also at each emergency exit:

    Emergency Contacts List (with the appropriate information for your building).

    Emergency Evacuation Procedure (adapted for your building)

    Emergency Evacuation diagram relevant to each floor. Please contact the Emergency Management Officer to request copies of the evacuation diagrams for your buildings

  • Evacuation Drills

    When will an evacuation drill exercise be held for our building?

    The Building Emergency Resource Database gives information about emergency management for each building, including when the last drill was run. Chief Wardens need to select a date to run the drill (a drill should be run every 12 months for each building). The preferred date and time for the drill needs to be emailed to

  • Wardens and Chief Wardens

    How many Fire Wardens do I need for my building?

    A good rule of thumb is to provide a warden for each emergency exit on each floor. Having an extra warden for each area is also ideal, so that leave can be covered. The number of wardens required for a building will vary according to the structure and size of each floor and the nature of the activities being undertaken in the area. There will also be a need for a greater number of wardens where the building is known to be occupied by people with a reduced capacity or a disability.

    How are Wardens and Chief Wardens trained?

    Wardens and Chief Wardens need to do a Warden training course and enrolment is via Themis. Wardens need to refresh their training every year. Refresher training is done training by completing the Emergency Warden refresher training questionnaire

    It is recommended that all Wardens complete the Practical Fire Extinguisher course.  This course is also available for enrolment via Themis.
  • Workstation and Ergonomics

    I am uncomfortable with my computer workstation. How do I customise it for myself?

    The University’s Ergonomist has provided detailed information about setting up a computer workstation on the University’s Health & Safety website If you are still finding it difficult to customise your computer workstation please complete the Computer Workstation Ergonomic Self-Assessment Checklist and provide it to your Manager for review and assistance. If they are unable to assist please contact your Local Health & Safety Contact. If required, they can refer you on to the University’s Ergonomist.

    How do I purchase office workstation equipment?