Workplace inspection, cyclic events and monitoring equipment

Workplace Inspections


An OHS Workplace Inspection is a periodic inspection of a work area performed collaboratively by management and staff, to ensure the work area is kept free of hazards and potential hazards.

Workplace inspections are regularly scheduled events. They can be planned and monitored through a Cyclic Events checklist or other local method such as an outlook calendar event.

Procedure and Guidance



Workplace inspections include local areas including public and shared spaces both inside and outside structures. The following are examples of some local area inspection checklists.

Cyclic Events


Cyclic Events are processes/tasks that occur at regularly scheduled times, and are required to meet legislative and/or University of Melbourne OHS requirements.

A Cyclic Events Checklist assists a department, division or entity to manage and track its OHS cyclic events. Your OHS Cyclic Events Checklist may be requested when you are subject to health and safety audit.

The documents in this section are presented in editable, Microsoft Word format. If you use any of the documents in this section to create a cyclic events checklist, you must customise the document control in the document's footer.

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Please use the following example checklists in conjunction with Developing and Maintaining a Cyclic Events Checklist above.

Health and safety monitoring equipment


Health and safety monitoring equipment means all equipment that is used at any time for health and safety related inspection, measuring or testing. If your area owns or controls such equipment, you can use the Health &Safety Monitoring Equipment Register (below) to record calibration requirements for the equipment.

Your Cyclic Events Checklist should include periodic review (at least yearly) of the OHS Monitoring Equipment Register.