Support Contacts

Support Contacts

  • Department Radiation Safety Officers (DRSO)

    Contact your DRSO for queries about radiation safety and management in your department. DRSOs are listed below.

    Please email any changes to this list to

    Department DRSO NamePhone
    Anatomy & Neuroscience Vacant 834 43523
    Architecture, Building & Planning (laser only) Jas Johnston 903 54748
    Arts (CCMC) Petronella Nel 834 40329
    Austin Academic Centre Susan Hisheh 9496 5488
    Bio21 Institute, UoM Specialist David Keizer 834 42218
    Bio21 Institute, Teaching, Research and LaboratoriesDavid Keizer 834 42218
    Biochemistry (Building 181)Hueng-Chin Cheng 834 42254
    Chemistry Robert Gable 834 46471
    Dental School Brent Ward 9341 1543
    Earth Sciences Roland Maas 834 46522
    Engineering Steve Beard 834 42023
    EngineeringDeanna Strangis903 53487
    Forest & Ecosystem Science (Burnley) Lisa Wittick 903 56922
    FVAS (Dookie) Margarethe Hoppach 903 55761
    FVAS (Parkville) Margarethe Hoppach 903 55761
    FVAS Veterinary Science (Werribee) Margarethe Hoppach 903 55761
    Melbourne Brain Centre Robert Williams 903 58217
    Microbiology & Immunology Ann Cornish 834 45184
    Northern Hospital Varsha Lal 8395 8230
    Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Mercy Hospital for Women Susan Hisheh 9496 5488
    Obstetrics and Gynecology at Royal Women’s Hospital Vacant 
    Ophthalmology & CERA - Eye & Ear Hospital Lerna Jurdukian  
    Otolaryngology - Eye & Ear Hospital Vince Kalangi 834 43550
    Paediatrics - Royal Children's Hospital Helen Dedman 0479 034 324
    Pathology Roberto Cappai 834 42556
    Pharmacology Trudi Harris 834 48508
    Physics Philip Lyons 834 45076
    Physiology Dale Baum 903 56427
    Royal Melbourne Hospital - Department of Medicine Vacant 
    School of Biosciences 1, 2 and 3 - Botany Vacant 
    School of Biosciences 4 - Zoology Vacant 
    School of Biosciences 5 - Genetics Vacant 
    St Vincent's Vince Kalangi 834 43550
    Sunshine Hospital Varsha Lal 8395 8230
    Veterinary Clinic & Hospital, Radiology (Geelong) Margarethe Hoppach 903 55761
    Veterinary Clinic & Hospital, Radiology (Werribee) Margarethe Hoppach 903 55761
  • ERMS

    For general ERMS advice, please contact your Health & Safety Business Partner.

    For technical issues, please visit IT Services on ServiceNow (UoM login required) and follow the instructions below:

    1. Click on Fix Something
    2. Click on Webpage or Application
    3. Select Applications from the Issue Type drop down table
    4. Select tick box Enterprise Risk Management System
    5. Enter information as required.
  • GoldFFX Super Users

    Contact your Super User for queries about chemical safety and management in your department. Super Users are listed below.

    Please email any changes to this list to

    Department Name Phone
    Architecture, Building & Planning Misty Hall 834 43100
    Chancellery Dean Fox 834 47886
    Education James Vassilopoulos 903 57512
    Engineering Deanna Strangis 903 53487
    Engineering Steve Beard 834 46712
    Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences Brent Ward 9341 1543
    Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences Ira Tedja 903 56358
    Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences Swaved Marcinski 834 48841
    Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences Trudi Harris 834 45738
    Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences Julie McNeice 9035 6807
    Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences Margarethe Hoppach 903 55761
    Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences Renee Jarvis 8001 2514
    Health & Safety      Brendan Chaplin 834 44534
    Health & Safety Christian Rantzau 834 42207
    Health & Safety Janine Prichard 903 58463
    Health & Safety Steve Guggenheimer 834 43052
    Health & Safety Susan Butler 834 43085
    Law Victoria McNally 903 55988
    Science Bryan McGowan 834 44027
    Science Sam Montalto 834 46924
    Science (Bio12) Christine Baggs 834 47757
    University Services Dani Norman 834 49239
    VCA & MCM Rohan Meddings 903 59245
  • Health and Safety Representatives

    The University's register of elected Health and Safety Representatives (HSRs) by Designated Work Group (DWG) is below:

    Please help us keep this list up to date by emailing with any changes. A new edition of the list is published approximately quarterly.

    New HSRs are placed on our mailing list to receive notification about proposed changes to health and safety policy and procedure available for consultation, and other health and safety matters of interest.

    The maintenance of this list is a legislatively mandated; therefore, local areas are asked to provide prompt and complete advice of any changes. For newly elected HSRs, the returning officer for the election should advise us of the new HSR's name, email address and date of election.

  • Chief Wardens

    The building emergency resources database lists all the University's Chief Wardens. The list is maintained centrally. If an update is required, please email details to the Emergency Management team.

    Additional Warden information, including training and responsibilities, can be found on the Wardens page on Staff Hub.