Feedback and Issue resolution

The University of Melbourne is committed to providing a safe and healthy working and learning environment for all staff, contractors, students and visitors, and to ensuring its operations do not impact unreasonably on external stakeholders. However, from time to time, internal or external stakeholders may raise concerns or complaints about health & safety matters arising from the University's operations

The processes detailed on this page are intended to ensure that health & safety feedback is directed to an appropriate recipient and responded to promptly, transparently and effectively.

Health & Safety issue resolution requirements - for staff

Staff who wish to raise a health and safety issue for resolution should use the

Health & Safety: Issue resolution requriements

OHS external feedback process - for external stakeholders

This process relates to feedback from external stakeholders about occupational health & safety matters that are under the management and control of the University. External stakeholders include regulatory bodies, suppliers, customers and clients, neighbors and members of the public.

  • How to provide feedback

    As an external stakeholder wishing to offer feedback, you may either:

    • Informal - raise the matter informally with the University representative (usually a manager or supervisor) responsible;

    If you are unable to reach a resolution through this option, or are unable to identify a responsible representative, then please proceed to the next option.

    When offering feedback, we ask that you provide the following information:

    1. Your name;
    2. Your contact details;
    3. Your relationship to the University of Melbourne;
    4. The details of the matter you wish to raise, including:
      • location, personnel involved and time/date;
      • the plant or equipment, chemicals or substances, systems of work or workplace involved;
    5. Details of what action/s you would like the University to take in response to your feedback.
  • Feedback response process

    These documents describes the formal and informal processes that the University representative and/or the Associate Director, Health & Safety, will undertake in response to external stakeholder feedback:

  • Other review, complaint or grievance processes
    If you are seeking investigation or review of a University matter that does not fall within the scope of the processes above, the following may be suitable: