Health and Safety representatives and Designated Work Groups

Health and Safety Representatives

Health & Safety Representatives (HSRs) are employees elected by members of a Designated Work Group to represent and safeguard their health and safety interests.

HSRs have powers under the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 (Vic).

More information about HSRs is available from the procedure Health & Safety: Consultation representation and committee requirements.

Designated Work Groups

A designated work group is a grouping of employees represented by an elected HSR. Health & Safety maintains a list of the University's current DWGs and incumbent HSRs

  • Renegotiating Designated Work Groups

    Please note that details of Designated Work Groups  (including group name, extent of membership, number of HSRs, etc) have been determined by formal negotiation. If you wish to vary the DWG details for your area, you will need to engage in formal renegotiation

    From time to time, workplace or organisational changes may make it more difficult for HSRs to represent staff while a previously agreed DWG structure persists. Therefore local areas may wish to adjust the grouping of staff into DWGs. The following guidance material advises what factors to consider, and gives a recommended protocol for renegotiating DWGs in a manner that is compliant with  legislative and procedural requirements. A template for the letter to  all staff  recommended in the protocol is also provided.

    To commence a renegotiation, you will need to contact the Associate Director, Health & Safety, as the Associate Director, Health & Safety or nominee is the only management representative authorised to represent the University in DWG negotiations.