ERMS (Enterprise Risk Management System)

Information briefing

On 22nd March 2017 there will be a briefing session for all Health and Safety Business Partners. Communication packs to support ERMS implementation will be available for all attendees and further information regarding the roll out if required.

What do Health and Safety Business Partners need to do?

  • Attend drop-in briefing on 22nd March, anytime between 12:00pm and 2:30pm
  • Plan and book your Faculty roll out
  • Support your areas with distribution of communication materials
  • Promote and encourage use of the new system.

Where can people go for more information regarding this session?
Contact Janine Pritchard on x58463 or email the Health & Safety team.

Who it will affect:

  • Everyone who reports, views or manages incident or hazard reports.
  • Everyone who assessed, views or managed risk assessments.

Why are we implementing this system?

Existing systems and arrangements for incidents and risk management:

  • The University of Melbourne (UoM) has a documented Safety Management System which requires many activities, documents, records and tasks current systems and process result in challenges to implementation and sharing, monitoring and reporting.
  • The existing incident reporting system commenced in 2007 as an interim measure. It has limitations, including not being able to be accessed by most students, is not easily edited, has limited reporting capabilities and the configuration can’t be easily amended.
  • The existing risk assessment templates are formatted in Word, Excel, pdf and other formats. This causes limitations in monitoring, sharing, reporting and updating of risks.
  • Current cyclic events, workplace inspection and safety audits are a mix of online tools, hard copy and other electronic formats. The new system will offer, increased sharing, reporting and monitoring of completed actions.
  • The existing incident dashboard offers limited reporting functionality.
  • The health and safety component forms only a small portion of ERMS. The enterprise risk management system allows for risk management  across the University. ERMS components include: audit, business continuity, compliance and enterprise risk management.

What if I need training but am unable to attend in person?

One of the earlier training sessions was run as a webinar. The recording is available to view here.

ERMS Consultation Feedback

Following an email summary of configurable health and safety components within ERMS, an ERMS consultation feedback period was open to stakeholders between 12/12/16 and 09/01/17.
All recieved feedback was reviewed, correlated and accepted wherever possible. Feedback was only rejected where the system was non-configurable or when deemed to be non-beneficial.

I have more questions, who do I contact?

For more information, you can contact your local Health and Safety Business Partner (previously Local Health and Safety Contact) or the Health & Safety team.