University core compliance modules, health and safety hazard based training, and face-to-face sessions are available through the University's training platform TrainME. All staff, students (including undergraduates), and individuals with IT access can log into TrainME using their single sign on credentials.

Launch TrainME

Comprehensive TrainME support is published on the Staff Services Portal (University username and password required).

Anyone without University log on credentials requiring access to TrainME (tenants, contractors, visiting academics, or students) is required to apply for IT access with the assistance of their supervisor. Please note that selecting the correct Organisation / Department and supervisor is important for reporting and data reconciliation within TrainME.

Induction and relocation

It is a supervisor's responsibility to ensure a local induction is completed, including completing the health and safety induction checklist with each direct report, whenever:

  • a new staff member commences at the University
  • staff return from an extended period of leave, or
  • staff relocate offices (alternatively, the staff relocation checklist can be used for staff who are moving to a new work area)

In addition to the induction checklist, a generic Health and Safety Induction training module is available in TrainME. This online course does not replace the requirement to complete local induction.

Face-to-face training

The following courses are available for enrollment via TrainME, but the course is undertaken face-to-face.

  • Fire extinguisher training

    This face-to-face session trains participants in all aspects of portable fire extinguishers. Participants will become familiar with basic fire science, extinguishing agents and different types, as well as the usage of each extinguisher.

    This training is mandatory for all Chief and Deputy Wardens, and compulsory if relevant to the job role. It is highly recommended for general Wardens. Training includes hands on use of extinguishers. Please note that this part of the training may preclude those with health issues. Please wear covered shoes, long pants, and long sleeves (no flowing clothing).

    The following courses are not available via TrainME and are external to Health and Safety Services.

  • Elected Health and Safety Representative (HSR) approved training

    Information on training options, course descriptions, fees and more support information is available on the Health and Safety Representative and Designated Working Group page.

  • Regulated Biological Materials

    The Office of Research Ethics and Integrity offers training and information sessions relating to the use of regulated biological materials such as hazardous biological materials and agents, genetically modified organisms, or imported biological materials alongside the core Biosafety training module which must be completed in TrainME before commencing any work with regulated biological materials.

  • Delivered on request

    Please contact your local Health and Safety Business Partner to inquire about requesting face-to-face delivery of one of the health and safety hazard based courses or one of the following courses:

    • Delivery of Work Station Assessments (Train the Trainer)
    • Enterprise Risk Management System (ERMS) - training for health and safety modules, including:
      1. Incident/Hazard Reporting and Register,
      2. WHS Risk (Assessments), and
      3. Checklists/Inspections and the Checklist/Audit Register
    • Hazardous Waste Management
    • Plant Safety Management
    • Suspicious Package and Threat Response
      Recommended for front-line staff and anyone who potentially could find themselves receiving such a threat. Topics include threat checklists, search procedures, and dealing with emergency services.
  • First aid
    • HLTAID003 - Provide First Aid (Level 2), including CPR
    • HLTAID001 - Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
    • HLTAID005 - Remote First Aid, offered 2-3 times per year
    • For advice on choosing the right course for you, please consult with your Health and Safety Business Partner.

      The minimum qualification requirement for a workplace first aider is Provide First Aid. A yearly CPR refresher is recommended, but not compulsory.

      Note: If you enroll in a Provide First Aid course, CPR is included.

  • Specialist first aid requirements

    Where a local area has additional risks to those identified in the first aid risk assessment templates, additional risk assessment is required. Specific first aid risk assessments can be included within the first aid risk assessment form. Additional first aid requirements may include specific risks such as:

    • remote location first aid
    • car/excursion first aid
    • burns module
    • eye module
    • snakebite module
    • hydrofluoric acid module
    • cyanide first aid
    • oxygen therapy and resuscitation equipment, and
    • defibrillation equipment.
  • Warden training (online)

    Chief Wardens, Deputy Chief Wardens, and Wardens must have valid up-to-date training in the following courses:

    • Warden training (online)
    • Fire extinguisher training (face-to-face)

    Enrollment in these Health & Safety Services managed courses is via TrainME.

Mental health training for staff

Counselling & Psychological Services (CAPS) provide a range of mental health training for staff at the university. Visit the Counselling & Psychological Services website for details and dates.


  • Divisions - Planning and Coordination

    The Head of Division is responsible for formulating and periodically reviewing the local health and safety training plan in consultation with staff in the local area.

    The local Health and Safety Business Partner in the Division will:

    • assist the Head of Division to formulate and review the local health and safety training plan;
    • facilitate and coordinate group training sessions in the local area; and
    • provide guidance to supervisors in determining the training needs of individual staff.
  • Supervisors/Managers - Determining Individual Requirements

    Supervisors are responsible for identifying the training needs (including refresher training needs) of staff and students under their supervisory/management control, in consultation with the staff or student in question. Training needs are based on the nature of the work/activity undertaken.

    They must determine or review your staff/student's training needs when:

    • the staff/student commences with the University;
    • the type of work/activities are altered;
    • the work environment is altered or new; or
    • at least every 3 years

    Your local health and safety business partner can provide advice and assistance.

  • Individual Staff and Students

    Individual staff and students should consult their supervisor about their training needs.

  • Documentation

    The Health & Safety: Training requirements set out responsibilities for planning, delivering, and recording health and safety training at the University of Melbourne.

    The Health & Safety - Provide training provides a step-by-step description of the methodology for planning, delivering, and recording health and safety training

    The Health & Safety training requirements matrix provides general guidelines on training requirements.

    A training needs analysis template is available for local areas to use.

    Relocation and induction requirements should also be consulted for new staff or staff who have changed working environments.

  • Reporting

    TrainME training is automatically recorded within the system. Training delivered by an external provider is not automatically recorded in TrainME or THEMIS. Individual staff must record their completed training as External Training in THEMIS via Staff Self Service.

    The Staff Services Portal provides guidance on how to navigate TrainME.

    Quarterly divisional training reports are generated by the Health and Safety Services team, capturing both staff and student training records. If you require this report please first discuss with your local Health and Safety Business Partner and then email your request to Health and Safety Assist.