First aid training - Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be nominated as a workplace first aider?

Email nomination/confirmation from your supervisor will be sufficient. You don't have to send us the nomination, and you don't need to upload in TrainME, your supervisor will be notified once you have enrol and sign up for a session.

I am not a workplace first aider, can I still attend the first aid training?

Yes, you can. Your training cost won't be covered by the Health & Safety Services, the invoice can be sent to either you or local department.

Can I train elsewhere and get reimbursed after?

No. We don't reimburse invoice from other training providers, even it is for a workplace first aider. Arrange your session booking before your current Provide First Aid certificate expires, email us if you can't attend the existing sessions on campus.

Do I need any previous training to enroll in Provide First aid?

There is no prerequisite to enroll in Provide First Aid. You need to complete this training to meet the required standard for being a workplace first aider.

What's the retrain period for Provide First Aid and CPR?

Provide First Aid needs to be retrained every 3 years, and CPR is valid only for one year.

Do I need to enroll in both Provide First Aid and CPR?

No. The Provide First Aid course includes CPR training , you don't need to enrol in both in the same time. You can enrol in CPR course as a yearly refresher.

Is it compulsory to refresh CPR each year?

No. CPR refresher is for the best practice, but it is not compulsory. As long as the Provide First Aid certificate is valid, one can act as a workplace first aider (if nominated).

How do I know I have signed up for a class?

After enrolling in the course and signing up for a session, the session will turn blue and the status will display 'Upcoming (Booked)'. You should also receive a confirmation email from TrainME (

Why can't I see the upcoming session dates?

There are two reasons why you cannot see a future session: 1) you are currently booked in a session, 2) you have completed a session in the past 2.5 years. The retrain booking is open 6 months before your current first aid certificate expires.

I am a student, can I sign up myself?

No, students cannot sign themselves up. Check our first aid page for upcoming dates and relevant information. If you want to book in for a session, email

I have just signed up in TrainME, when will I receive the prework?

Once you have signed up for a session in TrainME, you are put on an attendance list. The list will be sent to the external training provider RealResponse 1-3 weeks before the training date.  Once they have registered you in their system,  you will receive an enrolment email title 'New User Email' which includes the student portal link and login credentials. If you sign up within a week, please notify, and there is a chance you might receive the enrolment email after the training.

Check the spam/junk inbox if you don't receive the enrolment email.

I signed up in time, why haven't I received the enrolment email?

If you have previously trained with RealResponse before, you will not receive another 'New User Email'. Search in your inbox for the original email, or email RealReasponse for resend.

What do I need to do in the student portal?

There are enrolment and online assessment/prework to do in the RealResponse student portal before the training. In the enrolment process, you need to submit your personal information (Name, DOB, USI). Create your USI at and make sure the information of USI matches the one for the enrolment.

If you are doing CPR training, you only need to complete the enrolment process and you don't need to do the online assessment.

How much time do I have to finish the assessment?

For a better training experience, it is recommended to complete the online assessment before the training, however, you can still complete it after the training. If you complete it afterwards, email RealReaponse as they don't get notified automatically.

The online assessment is only available 3 months after the training date, it is no longer accessible afterwards that period. If you failed to complete the online assessment in time, you need to redo the first aid training.

I have completed the training, why is it not marked 'Completed' in TrainME?

Make sure you have completed both online enrolment and assessment in the student portal of RealResponse, and keep an eye on any reminder email indicating unfinished steps. Completion in TrainME is marked manually which can be delayed several days, if you have received your certificate and your TrainME status still shows up as 'In progress', please email:

How do I organise an onsite training session?

To arrange your onsite session, you need to provide:

  • Date, ideally several dates to choose from
  • Number of attendees, specify Provide First Aid or CPR
  • Venue, must have space to allow performing CPR on the floor

Session arrangement needs to be initiated at least 3 weeks in advance.

Is there any minimum or maximum for organising an onsite first aid session?

Yes, the minimum for full day training is $900 and $450 for half day. You need to have at least 10 person for Provide First Aid. Alternatively, 9 Provide First Aid and 2 CPR meets the minimum as well.

Each session is capped at 18 attendees for the best training experience, if you have more people to be trained, you need an additional training session.

If you have further questions, please email us: