Non-ionising radiation


Types of electromagnetic non-ionising radiation used at the University include:

    • lasers
    • microwaves
    • ultraviolet
    • NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance)

Plant risk assessment can be used as a template to create risk assessments for laser, microwaves, UV and nuclear magnetic resonance.


The Safe Radiation Practices - Laser course is an introduction to basic principles of lasers (of all classes) and their safe use.

It is anticipated that at the end of this training session participants will be able to:

  • conduct their activities safely whilst working with lasers.
  • Identify hazards associated with laser light.
  • Assess risks associated with laser use
  • Determine appropriate laser safety controls
  • Ensure laser activities undertaken at the University of Melbourne are controlled in a safe manner.

To enrol in Safe Radiation Practices - Laser and complete the course, please log onto TrainMe.

Additional information and assistance

Your local Departmental Radiation Safety Officer (DRSO) can assist with queries about radiation safety and management specific to your department.

The University Radiation Safety Advisor provides specialist radiation advice to the University community.