Setting up your desk video

Setting up your desk

The ideal dimensions for a (seated) desk, whether fixed height or adjustable, are:

  • height: between 680-735mm
  • depth: minimum 750-800mm
  • thickness: maximum 33mm, and
  • a clear width of 400mm either side of the navel.

Equipment and object on your work surface should be laid out according to the optimum, maximum and outer reach zones.

Desk problems and solutions

Common problems with desk set up include:

Freestanding height adjustable desks

  • Problem: desk wrong height.
    Solution: the best height for the desk is so that the height of the desk is at navel height when you are seated.

Freestanding fixed height desks

  • Problem: the desk to too high for you.
    Solution: set your chair height higher, and use a footstool.

Freestanding fixed height desks with adjustable keyboard trays

  • Problem: your desk height is incorrect / you do not have enough space on the keyboard tray for your mouse / the adjustment mechanism in your leg space obstructs your knees.
    Solution: set the keyboard tray level with your desk so the entire desk is the same height. Adjust your chair and use a footstool if necessary.


If your desk has capacity for adjustment, it is better to lower the desk than use a footrest.

If you find you are unable to place your feet firmly on the floor when seated comfortably at your desk, you may require a footrest.

Footrests should:

  • have height and angle adjustability and be large enough to accommodate both feet positioned comfortably
  • have a carpeted base, and
  • support your feet in front of your body and not interfere with the chair base.

Footrests can be ordered via iProcurement.