Desktop items

Setting up your desktop items video

Setting up your desktop items

Document holders

Document holders are designed to hold reference material so that they can be positioned according to your visual needs. Document holders help to keep your head balanced over your shoulders and are useful for work that involves a lot of copying while working at the computer. Ideally, the document holder should be positioned between your keyboard and monitor.

Angle (reading) board

An angle board enables you to adjust the angle of a work surface. It is usually placed on top of your desk and used to raise the height and angle of documents so that your neck is in a more upright posture while reading and writing for prolonged periods. The angle board needs to be adjustable and large enough to support several documents.


When making a lot of calls, it may be best to place the telephone on the same side as your dominant hand, so this hand can comfortably operate the numeric and function buttons. When mostly receiving calls, it may be more comfortable to place it on the non-dominant side.

If you have prolonged or frequent phone conversations, or if you simultaneously type or write when speaking on the phone, you should use a headset.

Watch the training module below to learn about the best place to position yourself in relation to your keyboard and mouse.