Working from home or remotely

Preplanned and unplanned working in a location that is not your usual working space.

Unplanned working from home guidelines

Due to circumstances created by COVID-19 the University are asking staff to work from home wherever possible. A Temporary working from home self assessment checklist has been specifically developed for use during this time.

Preplanned working from home guidelines

The University of Melbourne supports flexible work arrangements for its staff. Some staff members have the opportunity to work from home and so suitable working arrangements must be made.

Flexible Work Arrangements Procedure (MPF1155): Home based work for professional staff outlines the procedure for establishing work from home.

Following agreement with your supervisor/manager, formalised through completing a HR 42 - Home Based Work Agreement - Professional Staff, additional health and safety requirements are required, including:

Note: You can undertake your own home-based assessment providing you have completed the Office Ergonomics training in TrainME.

If you require an independent contractor to conduct the home-based workstation assessment before commencing work, the Health & Safety team recommend Fiona Begg. Fiona is an ergonomist and occupational therapist who has undertaken many of these assessments and does regular consulting work for the university. Fiona can be contacted directly via or 0438 599 079. Your local department is responsible for arranging and paying for this work station assessment - talk to your local Health and Safety Business Partner for assistance.