Return to work

The University will assist injured employees to remain at work or return to work at the earliest opportunity following an injury or illness.

A member of the Injury Management team, the employee, the employee's supervisor and any treating practitioners, will work together to prepare a detailed return to work plan conforming to WorkSafe Victoria guidelines.

Occupational rehabilitation and return to work

Treatment and rehabilitation for injuries

Rehabilitation could include a multi-disciplinary range of skills in addition to the medical management of an injury, such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, psychology, ergonomics and counselling. Rehabilitation commences at the earliest possible notification of injury and continues until the employee is as fully rehabilitated as possible.

External rehabilitation providers may be engaged to assist with rehabilitation. Where appropriate, the employee will be able to choose between three WorkSafe-approved providers. Should they wish to nominate your own rehabilitation provider, the employee should contact their return to work coordinator to discuss approval requirements for this provider.

Suitable employment duties

Suitable employment, including modified or alternate duties, consistent with medical opinion, will be sought for all employees at the earliest opportunity. Suitable duties means work that suits the nature of the employee's injury and current work capacity. Suitable duties will initially be sought with the original department and if this is not possible, other departments can be considered.


Supervisors and managers responsibilities

Supervisors and Managers will:

  • assist the return to work coordinator in developing and implementing an appropriate safe and meaningful return to work program
  • provide regular feedback to the case manager on progress and any problems
  • discuss progress with the injured employee and the case manager
  • provide support and assistance when the injured employee returns to work
  • take action, where appropriate, to prevent recurrence of injury. Such actions may include reasonable modifications to the workplace

Employees responsibilities

Employees undergoing rehabilitation are required to:

  • cooperate in their rehabilitation program, the agreed primary goal being a return to work. Failure to co-operate could jeopardise compensation entitlements
  • attend intermittent medical examinations by WorkSafe medical experts as nominated by the Injury Management team