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    Monday 9 October

    New Chemical documents have been published: Updated Chemical Documents have been published, including:
    Dangerous goods segregation and storage requirements;
    Chemical management guidelines;
    Chemical storage and handling for minor quantities in laboratories;
    Dangerous goods classes;
    Guide to the chemical risk hierarchy of control;
    Sample laboratory notebook.

    The Change Log lists details of all new or recently updated documents.

    Tuesday 3 October

    New First Aid documents have been published: New and updated First Aid documents have been published, including:
    Health & Safety: First aid requirements;
    First aid assessment samples;
    First aid assessment form;
    First aid kit basic contents;
    Book first aid training in iProcurement.

    Automated external defibrillator campus locations;
    Standard operating procedure automated external defibrillator;

    The Change Log lists details of all new or recently updated documents.

    Tuesday 3 October

    Safety Bulletins: Safety Bulletin 17-06: First aid and emergency response..

    Wednesday 20 September

    New Risk Register documents have been published: The Change Log lists related documents and change details.

    Monday 11 September

    Warden, Laboratory Safety and Plant Safety training are all now available in TrainME: Log onto TrainMe and complete your training at a time that suits you.

    Health and Safety courses now in TrainME include:
    Health and Safety Roles and Responsibilities;
    Manual Handling;
    Office Ergonomics;
    Chemical Management;
    Gas Safety;
    Personal Protective Equipment;
    Plant Safety; and

    Additional courses are currently in development.

    Thursday 7 September

    Warden training module is now available on TrainME: the course is designed for Chief Wardens and Floor/Area Wardens responsible for emergency responses and preparedness activities in building and structures owned or operated by the University.

    Wednesday 9 August

    Safety Bulletins: Safety Bulletin 17-05: Sit/stand desktop units. This bulletin replaces Safety Bulletin 02-08: Electrical Testing and Tagging (2008)

    Friday 7 July

    Safety Bulletins: Safety Bulletin 17-04: Electrical Testing and Tagging. This bulletin replaces Safety Bulletin 02-08: Electrical Testing and Tagging (2008)

    Friday 30 June

    New Electrical Testing and Tagging documents have been published: The Change Log lists all related documents and details of the changes.

    Tuesday 20 June

    New Manual Tasks Training videos:

    Check out the new Manual Tasks Training videos: Compactus, Storange, Using an office trolley and Mobile technology devices. Plus Office Ergonomics - Stretching and Moving.

    Monday 19 June

    New OHS Regulations 2017 commenced:

    On 18th June 2017, Victoria's new Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2017 (OHS Regulations 2017) and Equipment (Public Safety) Regulations 2017 (EPS Regulations) came into effect replacing the 2007 versions.

    Visit the WorkSafe website to view guides to the regulations, summary of changes (scroll to the bottom of the page) and further information.

    Thursday 15 June

    Check out the new look Safety Topics page: A one-stop safety topics spot. Is there a topic we have missed? Email us with details at

    Tuesday 23 May

    2017 Staff Influenza Vaccination Program has now concluded: If you would still like a vaccination please contact the Health Service or your personal GP for assistance (fees may apply).

    Friday 19 May

    New Health & Safety training modules available on TrainME: Manual Handling, Office Ergonomics, Chemical Management, Gas Safety, Personal Protective Equipment.

    Wednesday 10 May

    New RISK icon on Staff Hub: The ERMS icon on Staff Hub has had a recent name change to RISK as shown in the below image:

    Friday 5 May

    Chemical documents updated: A number of new and updated chemical documents have been published. A full list of documents and the changes are outlined in the Change Log.

    Monday 27 March

    New Incident and Hazard Reporting page: Due to ERMS replacing THEMIS, the Incident Reporting page has been updated, extensively restructured and rebranded. If you can't locate something, please contact your local Health and Safety Business Partner, or the central Health & Safety team.

    Monday 27 March

    Safety Bulletins: Safety Bulletin 17-01: Incident and Hazard Reporting and Investigation and Safety Bulletin 17-02: Serious Injury and Incident Notification.

    Monday 27 March

    Incident forms updated: The following forms have been renamed and restructured in response to ERMS requirements. Please note that all reference to S numbers have bee removed.
    Incident report (S3) is now divided into: Incident report and Hazard report.
    Incident investigation (S4) is now: Incident investigation.
    Witness statement (S5) is now: Witness record of events.


    Congratulations: Congratulations to Andres Diaz on his election to the OHSC, and Paula Mitchell and Darren Tucker on their re-election.


    ERMS Consultation Feedback: Following an email summary of configurable health and safety components within ERMS, feedback was requested from stakeholders between 12/12/16 and 09/01/17. All recieved feedback was reviewed, correlated adn accepted whenever possible. Feedback was only rejected where the system was non-configurable or when deemed to be non-beneficial.

    Friday 24 February

    Safety Alert: Safety alert 17/01: Using a microwave oven in a laboratory. An incident involving a microwave occurred in one of the laboratories within the University. As a result a number of corrective actions have been completed and the SOP and risk assessment have been updated.

    Friday 17 February

    Plant and electrical equipment: Danger tags and lock out devices and Out of service tags information can now be found on the Plant and electrical equipment page.

    Friday 27 January

    ERMS (Enterprise Risk Management System): ERMS is replacing THEMIS as the University's incident and hazard reporting system. Whilst ERMS was due to go live on Wednesday 1st February 2017, we have been advised that this time-frame will not be met.


    Radiation page updated: forms, guidance, requirements and processes relating to radiation have been added to the radiation page as a quick reference for users.


    New Requirements approved and published: Health & Safety Requirements have replaced the policies withdrawn from the Melbourne Policy Library following changes to the Melbourne Policy Framework (MPF). The requirements have now been published on this website.

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    We use this page to consult the University community about changes to health and safety policy and procedure. Sometimes we also seek feedback and participation for surveys and trials.

    Consultation helps us to generate better health and safety policy and procedure, and to achieve healthier, safer and more environmentally sustainable workplace outcomes for the University.

    When a change to health and safety policy and procedure is proposed, a direct email notification will be sent to key stakeholders, including elected employee Health & Safety Representatives, and an article will be published in Staff News. Proposed changes to Health & Safety Policy and Procedure will always be available for comment for at least ten working days.

    All staff members are encouraged to provide written comments on the consultation papers posted on this page.

    Papers currently available for consultation

    Draft document title Consultation expiry date
    None at this time  

    How to provide comments

    1. Review the discussion paper
    2. Email Include in the Subject field the discussion paper title.
    3. To guarantee consideration comments must be received by 5.00pm on the consultation expiry date.
    4. The Associate Director, Health & Safety, will consider all comments submitted by staff and, where relevant, take account of the comments into the ongoing development of the policy, procedure or initiative in question.

    What happens next?

    This section provides links to some of the outcomes of recent discussion papers:

    • For newly published Health & Safety policies and procedures, please refer to the Change Log.