2018 News


Safety Bulletin:
Safety Bulletin 18/04: Management of Regulated Chemicals

Access update for ERMS Checklists & Inspections

The recent enhancement to the system has been rectified and general staff/students are once again able to access the Checklists & Inspections module. General staff/students are now also able to access the Audit Register module to view inspections they have submitted and retrieve draft inspections.


New, updated and removed documents

Due to the new hazardous waste contractors a number of documents have been updated, removed or amended. Check out the 2018 Change Log for details.


Hot tips for hot desking

A hot desk is a shared desk- used by multiple staff in a common area. Hot desking is a practice adopted across some sections of the University where the nature of the work is dynamic and flexible. Print and put it up near your desk

New Hazardous Waste Contractors - Effective 1st October

The contract for the removal of hazardous waste from the University has been reviewed and after an extensive tender process new contractors have been selected as follows:

  • Greencare Environmental Solutions will collect chemical waste
  • Daniels Health Services Pty Ltd will collect biohazard waste

Health & Safety: Health and Safety Representative Election Guidelines

New document supersedes the Suggested HSR election procedure and incorporates a number of supporting HSR templates. Visit the Change Log for details of the documents included.


Safety Bulletin:
Safety Bulletin 18/04: Management of Regulated Chemicals

Training ChemWatch Administrators

Face-to-face sessions are available on Tuesdays throughout August from 12:00pm-1:30pm in Building 175.

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Safety Bulletin:
Safety Bulletin 18/03: Sit stand workstation


Staff Influenza Vaccination Program 2018 Live

The 2018 Program has begun with appointments now available to book online. Visit the Staff Hub Vaccination page for details regarding eligibility, booking instructions, date and locations of all sessions. Get vaccinated before the flu gets you.

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World Day for Safety and Health at Work and Workers' Memorial Day

World Day for Safety and Health at Work is a day for promoting safety and health in the workplace and to honour those who have died from work-related injury or illness. It is also the perfect opportunity to reflect on safety in your workplace and take the lead by increasing your knowledge about health  and safety.

Safework Australia - Take the Lead poster with yellow figure stepping out from a line of grey figures

The most common workplace injury in Victoria is musculoskeletal disorders (sprains/strains). The majority of staff at the University of Melbourne spend at least some of their day working at their desk or undertaking manual handling tasks, so it is worthwhile for all staff to focus on their health  and safety training needs in the lead up to the World Day for Safety and Health.

The University Services Health and Safety team have published Office Ergonomics and Manual Handling courses to assist in reducing workplace injuries. The courses  take only 30 minutes each to complete and with both being available online via TrainMe they can be completed at any time. Take the lead and encourage your team and colleagues to complete these valuable training courses today.

More information on World Day for Safety and Health at Work is available at www.safeworkaustralia.gov.au


Safety Bulletin:
Safety Bulletin 18/02: Calibration requirements for health and safety monitoring equipment

First Aid Training

Enrol in First Aid (Level 2) and CPR training scheduled for March 22nd.

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Checklists and Inspections Live in ERMS 5 March

Launched on 5th March, the new module allows staff to undertake Workplace Inspections online via computer or tablet (iPad only), action items with due dates can be assigned to Responsible Person and progress can be tracked.

Health & Safety modules in ERMS include:

- Report a Hazard/Incident
(Incident/Hazard Reporting)
- View all Incident/Hazards you or your staff are involved with
(Incident/Hazard Register)

- Conduct a Workplace Inspection
(Checklists & Inspections)
- View Workplace Inspections
(Audit Register)

- Risk Assessment Register
(WHS Risk Register)

Staff Perspective - Laboratory Managers

Dale Baum from the Melbourne Medical School recently wrote a very insightful piece on the role of a Laboratory Manager. The candid and entertaining article is well worth a read if you want to hear a unique staff perspective.

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ERMS Drop-in Sessions - April

Come to an ERMS Drop-in Session, available every Thursday in April between 12:30-1:30pm. See us in meeting room 105, level 1, 11 Barry Street. No need to book, just follow the signs.


Health & Safety TrainMe Modules

Health and Safety Roles & Responsibilities
Chemical Management
Gas Safety
Health and Safety Induction
Laboratory Safety
Manual Handling
Office Ergonomics
Personal Protective Equipment
Plant Safety
Safe Radiation Practices - Ionising (NEW)
Safe Radiation Practices - Laser (NEW)

New Confined Spaces documents

A number of confined spaces documents have been reviewed and updated. Visit the change log for specific details.

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Need an Evacuation Diagram for your building

The provision of evacuation diagrams for all buildings at the University is now managed by Project Services. To request evacuation diagrams please contact Cameron Purvis.

Website reshuffle

Looking for HSRs and DWGs, committees, external feedback, issue resolution, past news items or Safety Alerts/Bulletins? They can now be found all together on the newly renamed Consultation and Communication page.

Need help navigating Health and Safety modules in ERMS?

Come to one of our ERMS Drop-in Sessions happening every Tuesday throughout March between 1:30-2:30pm. See us in meeting room 106, level 1, 11 Barry Street. No need to book, just follow the signs.


Who is your Chief Warden?

The Emergency Management Team controls the Building Emergency Resources Database. If the Chief Warden changes in your building please email details to emergency-management@unimelb.edu.au

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