New Waste Contractor

New Hazardous Waste Contractors
Effective 1st October 2018

The contract for the removal of hazardous waste from the University has been reviewed and after an extensive tender process new contractors have been selected.

  • Greencare Environmental Solutions will collect chemical waste
  • Daniels Health Services Pty Ltd will collect biohazard waste

Collection days, times and processes will be maintained initially and reviewed soon. We expect a marked improvement in service delivery and invoicing.

In brief, Daniels will provide a greater range of bins in type and size. This will reduce waste costs for laboratories and enable safer collection processes. Each lab area requiring separate billing for their waste will be set up as a task location and provided with barcode sheets. Local areas will place their barcode on the bin to be collected and Daniels will take care of all billing and certification processes to follow.

There will be little initial change to the chemical waste collection.

The transition to the new contractors will commence on 1 October. New bins (and bin types and sizes) will be provided to all areas on their usual collection day (Werribee - 28 September). Labs will be provided with barcodes prior to this changeover.

Updated guidance material, waste collection (manifest) information and transition information is published on the Hazardous Waste page. See the Change Log for a full list of updated documents and change details.

Please contact Health & Safety, Finance and Employee Services, via if you require further information.