Health and Safety Representatives and Designated Work Groups

Electing new HSR, list of current University HSRs, approved training, HSR forum, renegotiating designated work groups

Health and Safety Representatives

Health & Safety Representatives (HSRs) are employees elected by members of a Designated Work Group to represent and safeguard their health and safety interests.

HSRs have powers under the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 (Vic).

More information about HSRs is available from the procedure Health & Safety: Consultation representation and committee requirements.

  • Electing a new HSR

    There is a suggested procedure on how to elect a HSR which outlines elections procedures, nominations and the voting system.

    Additional support templates for HSR elections:

  • List of HSRs at the University

    The University's register of elected Health and Safety Representatives (HSRs) by Designated Work Group (DWG) is below:

    Changes to this list

    Please help us keep this list up to date by emailing with any changes. A new edition of the list is published approximately quarterly.

    New HSRs are placed on our mailing list to receive notification about proposed changes to health and safety policy and procedure available for consultation, and other health and safety matters of interest.

    The maintenance of this list is a legislatively mandated; therefore, local areas are asked to provide prompt and complete advice of any changes. For newly elected HSRs, the returning officer for the election should advise us of the new HSR's name, email address and date of election.

  • Approved HSR Training

    How to enrol

    Directly enrol in a worksafe approved HSR training session or contact the Health & Safety team for enrollment assistance.

    Note: it is important to:

    • select your training dates in consultation with your supervisor
    • notify the Health & Safety team about your training so that your THEMIS training record can be updated for you.

    Fees and Conditions

    Central funding for this training is available only to elected employee Health & Safety Representatives in the meaning of the Occupational Health & Safety Act 2004 (Vic).

    The University has a central fund, administered by Health & Safety, which will pay the costs of this training for eligible trainees. Please note that if you do not appear on the University's list of elected employee Health & Safety Representatives, and are seeking Health & Safety assistance with enrolment in this training or payment of costs, you may need to provide evidence of your election before we can assist you.

    Once a quote or invoice is received please send it through to so the Health & Safety Team can pay for the training.

    Course descriptions

    Approved training for elected employee Health & Safety Representatives comprises the following courses:

    5 Day Initial Training

    Introductory training on the role and function of an elected Health and Safety Representative, for newly elected Health and Safety Representatives.

    WorkSafe-approved external provider.

    Elected Health and Safety Representatives who have not undertaken approved Health and Safety Representative training previously.

    1 Day Refresher Training

    Refresher training on the role and function of an elected Health and Safety Representative. Some providers may offer a selection of customised content within this training, based on different workplace hazard profiles.

    WorkSafe-approved external provider.

    Elected employee Health and Safety Representatives who have undertaken the 5 day training previously. Refresher training may be undertaken once per year.

    For a list of WorkSafe-approved training providers and training dates please visit the WorkSafe website.

  • Health & Safety Representative forum

    The forum is a self-convened discussion forum for the University's health and safety representatives.

    For queries please contact the convenor, Deanne Catmull.


    Meeting 4: Agenda | Minutes

    Meeting 3: Agenda | Minutes

    Meeting 2: Agenda | Minutes

    Meeting 1: Agenda | Minutes


    Meeting 4: Agenda | Minutes

    Meeting 3: Agenda | Minutes

    Meeting 2: Agenda | Minutes

    Meeting 1: Agenda | Minutes

Designated Work Groups

A designated work group is a grouping of employees represented by an elected HSR. Health & Safety maintains a list of the University's current DWGs and incumbent HSRs

  • Renegotiating Designated Work Groups

    Please note that details of Designated Work Groups  (including group name, extent of membership, number of HSRs, etc) have been determined by formal negotiation. If you wish to vary the DWG details for your area, you will need to engage in formal renegotiation

    From time to time, workplace or organisational changes may make it more difficult for HSRs to represent staff while a previously agreed DWG structure persists. Therefore local areas may wish to adjust the grouping of staff into DWGs. The following guidance material advises what factors to consider, and gives a recommended protocol for renegotiating DWGs in a manner that is compliant with  legislative and procedural requirements. A template for the letter to  all staff  recommended in the protocol is also provided.

    To commence a renegotiation, you will need to contact the Associate Director, Health & Safety, as the Associate Director, Health & Safety or nominee is the only management representative authorised to represent the University in DWG negotiations.