National Safe Work Month Winners


A huge thank you to all our engaging presenters who invested time, energy and humour into their presentation and who all received glowing feedback from participants. Your presentations entertained, engaged and educated us.


Congratulations to the excellent Organising Committee for the amazing planning, coordination and execution of the presentations, competitions and events put together for National Safe Work Month 2021.

If you would like to volunteer for the Organising Committee or as a presenter for National Safe Work Month 2022, Health and Safety Assist would love to hear from you.


Thank you to everyone who took part in the various competitions run during October as part of National Safe Work Month. We had a great time looking at the photographs and watching the step challenge progress week on week. Read on for the full list of winners.

Working From Home  Quiz

Congratulations to Meg Smith on beating the competition to win the Working from home - the good, the bad and the ugly quiz as part of the BackCare & Seating presentation. Meg won an amazing sit stand desk that will no doubt make working from home more enjoyable.

Step Challenge

Congratulations to the 30+ participants who signed up to be part of the November Step Challenge. Together they achieved 3,990,503 steps during the month.

If they were a relay-team they would have walked from The University of Melbourne all the way to Townsville (via Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane) or across the Nullarbor Plain to Perth. it is almost enough to get to Darwin, via Alice Springs and Adelaide.

Photo credit: Deanne Catmull

Highest Daily Step Count

Shirin Tejani, accumulated 36,714 steps in a single day.

Highest Cumulative Step Count

Graeme Hairsine, achieved over 322,500 steps throughout the month.

Most Improved

Shirin Tejani, began the month with a mere 142 steps per day and ended with a daily average of 13,937!

Step Challenge Team

After dominating the weekly challenges, Rein, Hail and Shine won the overall challenge. The team members included: Elise Meier  /  Ira Tedja /  Rosie O'Halloran

Weekly Step Count winners

Week - DistanceWinner
Week 1 - 5,000+ Lisa Keo
Week 1 - 10,000+ steps Marcia Banovac
Week 2 - 5,000+ Kirsten Clark
Week 2 - 10,000+ steps Graeme Hairsine
Week 3 - 15,000+ Emily Badge
Week 3 - Random draw Brittany Carter
Week 4 - 15,000+ Chanetelle Linnett
Week 4 - Random draw Lisa Lovell

Photography Competition

Photo credit: Melanie Schmidt

Health and Safety

Melanie Schmidt

Make sure to keep a distance from any other people while on campus.

Photo credit: Melanie Schmidt

Where I Work

Melanie Schmidt

Aunty Lorraine finding some quiet time away from teaching and marking.

Photo credit: Melanie Schmidt

Flora and Fauna

Melanie Schmidt

Old Arts seen through nature.

Photo credit: Lisa Lovell

Weird and Wonderful

Lisa Lovell

A visit from Mr Tawny early in the morning.

Wellbeing Bingo

Small green plants growing in a raised garden bed made of timber
Photo credit: Kathryn Mistica


  • Lisa Lovel
  • Verity Fisher

New Growth

  • Kathryn Mistica

Be Creative

  • Lisa Lovell


  • Verity Fisher
Banana smoothie with chocolate drizzled in the glass on a plate with banana slices fanned out
Photo credit: Verity Fisher

Mindfulness Colouring Artwork

  • Kathryn Mistica (Adult entrant)
  • Max (Child entrant 1)
  • Emily (Child entrant 2)

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