Legislation, health and safety plans, University-wide plans


Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004

Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2017

Compliance Codes as set out by WorkSafe Victoria.

Further information on the Occupational Health and Safety laws and regulations are available on the WorkSafe website.


Background to health and safety plans

The University has a certified occupational health and safety management system. As part of this system, the University must set objectives and targets for continuous improvement of its safety performance. This process is described in the Health & Safety: Plans requirements.

University-wide health and safety plans

The University-wide health and safety plan is endorsed by senior committees, and progress towards meeting the objectives and targets is also reported to those committees. A summary of achievements is also reported publicly in the University of Melbourne Annual Report.

Budget Division OHS Plans

Each budget division must have their own OHS plan that sets out how they will contribute to meeting the objectives and targets in the University-wide plan. Progress should be reported to the budget division OHS committee.