Business Partner Contacts

Find someone who can help. Names and contact details for all local Health & Safety Business Partners located in faculties, schools, departments, subsidiaries and serviced affiliates

Health and Safety Business Partner Contacts

  • Architecture, Building and Planning
    Coordinator, Facilities and OHS Misty Hall 43100  
    Facilities and OHS Coordinator Tracey Grant 46735
  • Arts
    OHS, Facilities And Records Manager Bernie Farrell 58158
  • Business & Economics
    OHS, HR ManagerGenevieve Curtain48927 
    HR Business PartnerEliza Sell43542
  • Education
    OHS Coordinator James Vassilopoulos 57512 Tue-Thu

    Further health and safety information relating to the Melbourne Graduate School of Education can be found on the MGSE Intranet.

  • Engineering
    Infrastructure and OHS ManagerSteve Beard467120409210717Mon-Fri
    OHS CoordinatorDeanna Strangis534870466353495Mon-Fri
  • Fine Arts and Music
    OHS ManagerRohan Meddings592450478409891Mon-Fri
  • Law
    Facilities Management Coordinator Megan Price 41111 0466529345  

    How we can help

    The MLS Employee Services team looks after HR, Facilities and OHS in the Melbourne Law School. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with any OHS queries pertaining to work at the Law School.

  • Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences

    Faculty Specific Support

    The Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences (MDHS) has an internal OHS intranet which publishes comprehensive faculty specific support available to MDHS staff only.

    Contact List

    For those without MDHS intranet access, there is a MDHS controlled contact list of all OHS Advisors and Laboratory Managers within the faculty.

  • Science
    AreaNameExt.Mobile Days Worked
    EHS Coordination Manager Sam Montalto 46924 0425800085 Mon-Fri
    EHS (Campuses) Coordinator Bryan McGowan 44027 0431688447 Mon-Fri
    Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI) Claire Embregts email only   
    Bio21 Institute - EHS Coordinator Vacant Contact
    Sam Montalto
    46924 0425800085 Mon-Fri
    BioSciences Biosafety and Biosecurity Officer Kaija Jordan 45748   Tue-Thu
    BioSciences Chemical and Radiation Advisor Debra David   Mon-Fri
    BioSciences EHS Training Administration Catarina de Freitas 49089   Mon-Wed
    BioSciences Fieldwork EHS Coordinator Nicole Middleton 53188   Wed-Fri
    Chemistry Darren Rowe 55494 0466534285 Mon-Fri
    Ecosystem and Forest Sciences
    (Creswick and Burnley Campus)
    Lisa Wittick 56922   Mon-Fri
    Earth Sciences - EHS Coordinator Abaz Alimanovic 43898   Mon-Fri
    Geography Darren Hocking 48342 0417169790 Mon-Fri
    Mathematics & Statistics Kasey Cashin 58732   Mon-Fri
    Physics Melaku Alemu 49483   
    University Diving Officer John Ahern 44394   Mon-Fri

    How we can help

    The Faculty of Science EHS Office provides advice, support and safety guidance to all areas of the Faculty. Local EHS staff, managers and Heads may escalate issues which cannot be resolved in the local area.

    We play a key role in audit preparation, online training reporting, incident management, and are responsible for drafting and managing the EHS Strategic Management Plan.

    We advise local Faculty EHS contacts of changes to University policies and procedures as well as major changes to OHS legislation and standards. The EHS Office manages the Faculty EHS Committee, which serves all areas of Science and deals with issues and incidents which have broad applicability to the Faculty.

    Faculty Specific Support

    Public Safety Web Sites


    A number of Schools within the Faculty also have intranets which are accessible to members of the School.

  • Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences
    EHS ManagerMargarethe Hoppach557610402774063Parkville: Tue-Thu
    Werribee: Mon, Fri
    Senior EHS Officer (Parkville and Dookie)Julie McNiece568070419709630Parkville: Mon, Tue
    Dookie: Wed-Fri
    EHS Officer (Werribee) Renee Jarvis800125140408505074Mon-Fri
    U-VetMargarethe Hoppach557610402774063Mon, Fri

    How we can help

    The FVAS Safety Team is committed to the health and wellbeing of all staff, students and visitors to the Faculty. The team provides a range of services and actively supports staff to manage health and safety risks associated with working at the University in an academic, administrative, veterinary and/or agricultural setting.

    The key functions of the FVAS Safety Team are to:

    • Answer any EHS queries – big or small!
    • Maintain EHS compliance for the Faculty with mandated Government legislation and University EHS policy and procedures
    • Conduct local EHS inductions
    • Assist in identifying EHS training needs
    • Assist in identifying hazards and risks in your area of work
    • Assist in conducting risk assessments and developing safe operating procedures (SOPs)
    • Provide guidance and assistance in audit preparation
    • Lead incident investigations
    • Provide Secretariat support for EHS Committees
  • Chancellery
    Asialink Lisa Lovell 44241 0408174950 Tue, Thu, Fri
    Australia-India Institute Janine Tickle 59987 0401686185 Mon-Tue
    Chancellery Dani Norman 59987 0434305931 Mon-Fri
    Ian Potter Museum of Art Dani Norman 59987 0434305931 Mon-Fri
    International House Lisa Lovell 44241 0408174950 Tue, Thu, Fri
    Medley Hall Lisa Lovell 44241 0408174950 Tue, Thu, Fri
    Melbourne University Sport Janine Tickle 59987 0401686185 Wed
  • University Services
    Senior Health and Safety Consultant Dani Norman 49239 0434305931 Mon-Fri
    Health and Safety Consultant Janine Tickle 59987 0401686185 Mon-Thu
    Health and Safety Consultant Lisa Lovell 44241 0408174950 Tue, Thu, Fri
    Health and Safety Consultant Manni Sidhu 49048   Mon-Fri
    Academic Services Georgianna Anning 44662   Mon-Fri
    Project Services John Phillips  email only Mon-Fri
    Infrastructure Services Brian Cullen 46922   Mon-Fri

    How we can help

    The University Services team provides support and advise on health and safety matters.

    To report issues related to maintenance, grounds, cleaning, security, electrical, plumbing, carpentry, transport and utilities, a request can be submitted directly to Campus Services via the Staff Services Portal (university username and password required) and the ticket with be administered by Campus Services directly.

  • Other University Departments, Subsidiaries and serviced affiliates
    Australian Music Examinations Board (Vic) LtdManni Sidhu49048 Mon-Fri
    Melbourne Theatre CompanyElizabeth Mundell email only 
    University of Melbourne Student UnionDani Norman492390434 305 931Mon-Fri
    MU Publishing LtdDani Norman492390434 305 931Mon-Fri
    UoM Commercial LtdGreg Carter496630419 336 489