Role definitions

Health and Safety Business Partner roles

Health and Safety

Professional staff, often referred to as Health and Safety Business Partners, employed by the university to provide general health and safety information and advice to the university community.

Injury Management

Injury Management comprises Case Managers who provide assistance to staff injured at work and Injury Management Coordinators for assistance to injured staff returning to work at the University.

Supporting safety roles

Chief Wardens

Chief Wardens are listed on the Building Emergency Resources Database (requires UoM username and password). The list is maintained by the Health & Safety Services team. Additional Warden information, including training and responsibilities, can be found on the Wardens page.

Department Radiation Safety Officers

Department Radiation Safety Officers (DRSO) for queries about radiation safety and management in your area.

Enterprise Risk Management System

Enterprise Risk Management System (ERMS) for assistance in entering reports, navigating the system and extracting reports.

GoldFFX Super Users

GoldFFX Super Usersfor queries about chemical safety and management in your area. If there is not Super User listed under your area, please contact a Business Services Super User (under COO Portfolio) for assistance.

Health and Safety Representatives

Health and Safety Representatives are listed on the University's elected Health and Safety Representatives (HSR) register by Designated Work Group (DWG). Further information relating to HSRs is available on the HSR page.

ICAM Investigators

Incident Cause Analysis Method (ICAM) Investigators are staff with advanced incident investigation training who can be contacted to attend an incident investigation.