Services and Specialist Contacts

The University Services Health & Safety team provide subject matter expert advice on all things health and safety to the University community

General Enquiries


+61 3 903 54000 (internal x54000) for Health & Safety, Finance and Employee Services team; select Option 3: Health & Safety; then select:

  • Option 1: Health & Safety enquiries
  • Option 2: Injury Management


Health & Safety fax number: +61 3 8344 3057


Emails sent to the below group email addresses may automatically create a Staff Services Portal (ServiceNow) ticket, which will be assigned to a health and safety team member to action.

General Health & Safety enquiries
Chemical Safety
Emergency Management
Hazardous Waste
Injury Management
Occupational Health (including HHAQ submission)
Radiation Safety

Health & Safety, University Services, Specialist Contacts

The Health & Safety, University Services team has been restructured. All current staff are listed below, although some staff are in new positions and some new positions are vacant at present. The new Health & Safety organisational chart provides a graphic representation of the new structure.

Title Name and EmailPhoneMobileDays
Associate Director, Health & Safety Stefan Delaney 834 49277   Mon-Fri
Health & Safety Service Management Team
Manager, Health & Safety Service Management Vacant    
Health, Safety and Emergency Officer Hexing Yang 834 48778   Mon-Fri
Health, Safety and Emergency Officer Wendy Chadwick 834 47973 0421029320 Mon-Fri
Reporting, Assurance, Systems and Licensing Officer Verity Fisher 903 55397 0466378467 Mon, Thu, Fri
Senior Health & Safety Consultant Dani Norman 834 49239 0434305931 Mon-Fri
Health & Safety Consultant Janine Tickle 903 59987 0401686185 Mon-Thu
Health & Safety Consultant Lisa Lovell 834 44241 0408174950 Tue, Thu, Fri
Health & Safety Consultant Manni Sidhu 834 49048   Mon-Fri
Health & Safety Officer (Academic Services) Georgie Anning 834 44662   Mon-Fri
Title Name and EmailPhoneMobileDays
Health & Safety Specialist Services Team
Assistant Director, Health & Safety Vacant    
Health & Safety Specialist Support
Manager, Health & Safety Specialist Services Su Butler 834 43085 0448717986 Mon-Fri
Radiation Safety and Occupational Hygiene Consultant Steve Guggenheimer 834 43052 0411111265 Mon-Fri
Chemical Safety Consultant Ira Tedja 903 56358 0418507054 Mon-Fri
Emergency Planning Specialist Andrew Everett 903 56472   Mon-Fri
Emergency Planning Administrator Nirvan Jamshidpey 903 59647   Wed, Fri
Ergonomist Rosie O'Halloran 834 49234 0409230473 Tue, Wed, Fri
Occupational TherapistElise Meier 834 45044   Tue-Thu
Occupational Health Nurse Jo Magdic 834 40897   Tue-Thu
Policy, Projects & Audit Consultant Janine Pritchard 903 58463   Mon-Fri
Injury Management
Team Leader Injury Management Marina Harris834 46467 0411409404 Tue-Thu
Team Leader Injury Management Vacant    
Senior Case Manager Brant Pniewski903 58679 Mon-Fri
Case Manager Omar Casas834 44224   Mon-Fri
Case Manager Stephanie Lamb834 46149   Mon-Thu
Return to Work Coordinator Sonia Lee Chambers834 47702   Mon, Wed, Fri