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The Health & Safety Service, Business Service team provide subject matter expert advice on all things health and safety to the University of Melbourne community

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Call: +61 3 834 40888 (internal x40888) follow the Service Center prompts to Health and Safety Services.

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Fax: +61 3 8344 3057

Health & Safety Services Team

Title Name and EmailPhoneMobileDays

Leadership team

Director, Health & Safety Stefan Delaney 834 49277 0425798322 Mon-Fri
Assistant Director, Health & Safety Adrian Mannix 834 43896 0466631310 Mon-Fri
Manager, Health and Safety Integration Dani Norman 834 49239 0434305931 Mon-Fri
Lead, University Public Health Network Susan Slattery 834 44340   Mon-Fri
Manager, Injury Management Ethan Le 903 55677 0435190188 Mon-Fri
Manager, Health and Safety Systems Johanna Bouniol  0481383842 Mon-Fri
Manager, Emergency and Business Resilience Nicky Haslinghouse 834 44373 0422604242 Mon-Fri

Health and Safety Systems

Operations and Improvement Lead Kira Goodman 834 41723   Mon-Fri
Management Systems Lead     
Management Systems AdministratorWeini Lim 834 41404   Mon-Fri
Chemical and Radiation Specialist Ira Tedja 903 56358 0418507054 Mon-Fri
Ergonomist Rosie O'Halloran 834 49234 0409230473 Tue, Wed, Fri
Ergonomist Elise Meier 834 45044   Tue-Thu
Policy, Projects & Audit Consultant Janine Pritchard 903 58463   Mon-Fri
Workplace Adjustments Service Project Officer     

Health and Safety Business Partners

Senior Health and Safety Business Partner
(COO, Chancellery and HASS)
Manni Sidhu 834 49048 0466091272 Mon-Fri
Health and Safety Business Partner
(COO, Chancellery and HASS)
Janine Tickle 903 59987 0401686185 Mon- Wed
Health and Safety Business Partner
(COO, Chancellery and HASS)
Lisa Lovell 834 44241 0408174950 Tue, Thu, Fri
Health and Safety Business Partner 
(COO, Chancellery and HASS)
Georgie Anning 834 44662 0422808031 Mon-Fri
Health and Safety Business Partner
(COO, Chancellery and HASS)
James Vassilopoulos 903 57512   Tue, Wed, Fri
Senior Health and Safety Business Partner
Ruth Woodgate 834 46667 0422919249 Mon-Fri
Health and Safety Business Partner
Renee Jarvis 8001 2514 0408505074 Mon-Fri

Emergency and Business Resilience

Emergency and Business Resilience CoordinatorHexing Yang834 487780435205855Mon-Thu
Contract and Safety Management Specialist Haydn Bishop 0438429362 Mon-Fri

Injury Management

Senior Case Management Specialist Mon Baker 834 41302   Mon-Fri
Case Management Specialist Pascaline Koo 834 45593   Mon-Fri
Case Management Officer Luisa Varcoe email only  Mon-Fri

University Public Health Network

Infection Control Coordinator Thomas Buick 834 41070   Mon-Fri
Public Health Coordinator Paris Paliouras 903 54931   Mon-Fri
Public Health Officer Vacant