Services and Specialist Contacts

The University Services Health & Safety team provide subject matter expert advice on all things health and safety to the University community

General Enquiries

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Please note: An emails sent to the above addresses may automatically create a Staff Services Portal (ServiceNow) ticket, which will be assigned to a Health & Safety Services team member to action.

Health & Safety Services Team

The Health & Safety Services organisational chart provides a graphic representation our structure and reporting lines.

Title Name and EmailPhoneMobileDays
Associate Director, Health & Safety Stefan Delaney 834 49277 0425798322 Mon-Fri

Health & Safety Service Management Team

Manager, Health & Safety Service Management Rochelle Sullivan 903 58358 0424431160 Mon-Fri
Health, Safety and Emergency Officer Hexing Yang 834 48778   Mon-Fri
Health, Safety and Emergency Officer Vacant   
Projects, Systems and Content Consultant Verity Fisher 903 55397 0466378467 Mon-Fri
Senior Health & Safety Consultant John Antunes 834 47898 0466869457 Mon-Fri
Health & Safety Consultant Janine Tickle 903 59987 0401686185 Mon-Thu
Health & Safety Consultant Lisa Lovell 834 44241 0408174950 Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri
Health & Safety Consultant Manni Sidhu 834 49048   Mon-Fri
Health & Safety Officer (SASS) Georgie Anning 834 44662   Mon-Fri
Title Name and EmailPhoneMobileDays

Health & Safety Specialist Services Team

Assistant Director, Health & Safety Adrian Mannix 834 43896   Mon-Fri

Health & Safety Specialists

Manager, Health & Safety Specialist Services Su Butler 834 43085 0448717986 Mon-Fri
Chemical Safety Consultant Ira Tedja 903 56358 0418507054 Mon-Fri
Emergency Planning Specialist Andrew Everett 903 56472 0407819803 Mon-Fri
Emergency Planning Administrator Nirvan Jamshidpey 903 59647   Wed, Fri
Ergonomist Rosie O'Halloran 834 49234 0409230473 Tue, Wed, Fri
Occupational Therapist Elise Meier 834 45044   Tue-Thu
Occupational Health Nurse Paula Johnson 834 40897   Tue-Thu
Policy, Projects & Audit Consultant Janine Pritchard 903 58463   Mon-Fri
Radiation Safety and Occupational Hygiene Consultant Steve Guggenheimer 834 43052 0411111265 Mon-Fri

Injury Management

The Injury Management team are individually assigned to specific faculties and portfolios.
Please note: whilst we transition to the new customer-centric model, cases lodged prior to 26 August 2019 will remain with your current contact (unless otherwise advised).

Find the team member assigned to your area
on the Business Partners contacts page

Senior Case Manager, Team LeaderEthan Le903 55677 Mon-Fri
Senior Injury Management CoordinatorMarina Harris 834 46467 0411409404 Tue-Thu
Case Manager Omar Casas 834 44224   Mon-Fri
Case Manager Stephanie Lamb 834 46149   Mon-Thu
Injury Management CoordinatorSonia Lee Chambers 834 47702  

Mon, Wed, Fri