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All policies, requirements, processes, forms and bulletins that are updated and published on this website will also be listed below in the year and month in which they occurred.

Please note the linked documents in earlier years may return an error message if they have been withdrawn or superseded during subsequent years.

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2022 Change log

Publish Date Document titleVersion Change details
23rd2022-01 OHSC Minutes - Finaln/aNew document.
22nd2022-01 HSR Meeting - Minutesn/aNew document.
22nd2022-01 HSR Meeting - Agendan/aNew document.
21stChemical inventory form2.1The revised chemical inventory form has been uploaded.
21stHealth and Safety Induction Checklist1.3Revised Health & Safety Induction Checklist document:
- The requirement for emergency procedures  (emergency personnel) has been updated.
8thHealth and Safety Representative election guidelinesn/aUpdated link on Appendix 5 (HSR election guidelines document):

- Link to the list of DWGs and elected HSRs
8thHSR Listn/a

New HSR for Melbourne Graduate School of Education:

-  Centre for the Study of Higher Education (CSHE)

31st WorkCover Claim Guide 1.1 Addition of Important Return to Work Information
31st Important Return to Work Information n/a New document.
30th HSR List n/a New HSR for School of Biomedical Sciences:

-  Dept of Biochemistry and Pharmacology (WEBs building)
-  Dept of Biochemistry and Pharmacology (Medical Building)
25th Health and Safety Community n/a H&S Community  (Academic) list has been updated:

Bio21 Institute - OHS Advisor
23rd HSR List n/a New HSR:

- FVAS - Parkville (Agriculture)
-  FVAS - Dookie (Agriculture)
20th Safety topics n/a New safety topic published:

Crystalline silica
18th Health and Safety Community n/a H&S Community  (Academic) list has been updated:

DRSO for (B348 / B702 - Dental School)
17th HSR List n/a Correction with the election date:

Melbourne Dental School, 2 newly elected HSRs
6th UoM COVIDSafe Plan DRAFT - 6 MAY 2022 n/a Document open for consultation.
2nd HSR List n/a New HSR:
-  Engineering and Information Technology (Electrical Mechanical and Infrastructure Engineering (B))
29th OHSC meeting schedule n/a The OHSC meeting schedule for 2022 has been updated.
27th OHSC committee membership n/a The list of Members and Standing Observers has been updated.
26th HSR List n/a HSR stepped down from:
- Science (Physics)
22nd HSR List n/a Renegotiated the Department of Anatomy and Physiology in the School of Biomedical Sciences within the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences (FMDHS)

- Department of Anatomy & Neuroscience and the Department of Physiology no longer exist in the MDHS structure.
21st Automated external defibrillators location 2.0 The current Automated external defibrillators campus locations have been updated.
13th HSR List n/a New HSR:
-  Science (Geography, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences).

HSR stepped down from:
- MDHS (Faculty Operations and Individual Centres B).
11th HSR List n/a New HSR:
- Science (Administration).
- MDHS (Faculty Operations and Individual Centres - Centre for Youth Mental Health).
24th Safety Bulletin 22/01: Japanese Encephalitis Virus 1.0 New document.
18th HSR List n/a 'Scope' column added.

DWG removed:
School of Biomedical Sciences - Pathology no longer exists in
MDHS structure.

New HSR:
Faculty Operations and Individual Centres - Centre for Youth Mental Health.
18th Consolidated feedback on Draft University COVIDSafe Plan feedback New document.
3rd OHSC Terms of reference 2.6 Updated Terms of Reference.
Proposed final version approved by the OHSC committee (Refer Meeting 3, 2021 - Item B03 ii).
3rd 2021-03 HSR Meeting - Minutes n/a New document.
28th HSR List n/a New HSRs:
Melbourne Dental School, 2 newly elected HSRs.

HSR stepped down from:
Melbourne School of Population and Global Health (A).

Term of office date amended (missing day information) for:
School of Biomedical Sciences - MDHS Doherty.

Melbourne Dental School renegotiation the DWG to include a second HSR position.
25th 2018-01 OHSC Minutes
2018-02 OHSC Minutes
2018-03 OHSC Minutes
2018-04 OHSC Minutes
n/a Documents withdrawn from publication.

To request a copy of withdrawn OHSC minutes, email your request to Health and Safety Assist.
25th 2021-4 DRAFT OHSC Minutes n/a 2021-4 DRAFT OHSC Minutes due to be ratified at 2022-1 meeting in March.
25th 2021-2 OHSC Minutes
2021-3 OHSC Minutes
n/a New documents.
22nd Draft University COVIDSafe Plan n/a New document.
18th HSR List n/a HSR stepped down from:
Melbourne School of Health Sciences (B)
16th Building emergency information spreadsheet n/a Renamed the Building emergency resources database on the Emergency Management Community SharePoint to Building emergency information spreadsheet to reflect additional information now captured by this document.
15th HSR List n/a HSRs stepped down from:
  • Melbourne Dental Clinic
  • Melbourne Dental School
  • School of Health Sciences A

Renegotiated School of Biomedical Sciences  DWGs: Pharmacology and Therapeutics and Biochemistry and Molecular Biology replaced with Biochemistry and Pharmacology (WEBs building) and Biochemistry and Pharmacology (Medical Building). The new DWG has two HSRs, previous incumbents remain the same.

Call for nominations:
  • MDHS Faculty Operations and Individual Centres A
7th HSR List n/a HSRs stepped down from:
  • Chemical and Biomedical Engineering (B)
  • Electrical Mechanical and Infrastructure Engineering (B)
7th UoM Strategic  Management Plan 2021 to 2025 1.0 Draft replaced by endorsed document.