Monitoring and Evaluation

4.1 Monitoring and measurement - General

Health & Safety: Workplace monitoring and inspection requirements

Health & Safety - Undertake workplace inspections

Health and Safety Management System - Monitor


Health & Safety: Regulated plant requirements


Plant and electrical equipment

4.2 Monitoring and measurement - Health surveillance  

Health & Safety - Complete a health and hazard assessment questionnaire (HHAQ)

4.3 Incident investigation and corrective action

Health & Safety: Incident, injury, hazard reporting and investigation requirements

Health & Safety – Report, record and investigate an incident

Health & Safety – Report a hazard or issue

Health & Safety – Respond to an incident

Health & Safety – Notify an incident to WorkSafe

Incident and hazard reporting

4.4 Records and records management

Health & Safety: Management system documentation requirements

Health & Safety – Write a standard operating procedure (SOP)

Standard operating procedure form

4.5 Health and safety management system audits

Health & Safety: Management system review and audit requirements

Health & Safety – Undertake a management review

Health & Safety – Participate in an internal audit

Health & Safety – Participate in an external audit

Health and Safety Management System - Review

Occupational health and safety internal audit process (Legal & Risk webpage)