Enterprise Risk Management Systems (ERMS)

In an emergency call 000, then University Security on 834 40666


The Enterprise Risk Management System (ERMS) is the University's risk reporting and recording tool.
Staff, students, contractors, and others must report any hazard and/or incident to their local supervisor or the manager of the work area as soon as reasonably practicable.

High-consequence incidents must be reported immediately, other incidents must be reported within 24 hours of becoming aware of the incident, injury, or illness.


  • Incident

    An unplanned event (including dangerous occurrences and systems failures) resulting in, or having a potential for injury, ill health, damage, or other loss. Submit an incident report when a situation results in an injury/illness/disease or can be associated with an individual(s), including a near miss.

  • Hazard

    A source or a situation (including dangerous occurrences and systems failures) with a potential for harm relating to human injury or ill health, damage to property, damage to the environment, or a combination of these.

  • Risk

    The likelihood that a hazard will cause injury or damage, and the severity of the injury or damage that may result.

  • Risk Management

    A systematic method used to control the risk of injury resulting from hazards. The aim of risk management is to reduce the likelihood and severity of incidents, injury or damage resulting from specific activities.

  • Responsible Person

    The person assigned responsibility for the particular report. This person is usually the direct supervisor of the affected person but can be anyone the affected person nominates.

    Investigation outcomes are recorded in the ERMS report by the responsible person.

  • Affected Person

    The person who sustained the incident or the person who logged the report if it is a hazard report

Report an incident or Hazard

1. For anyone WITH a University username and password, please use this link:

Report an incident or hazard

For further instruction on how to enter an incident or hazard report, please refer to either the Submit an incident report in ERMS or Submit a hazard report in ERMS guidance material within ServiceNow (University username and password required).

For reporting on the go, the pocketSafety app is also available for use on Apple and Android mobile devices.

For facilities-related hazards including cleaning, furniture, grounds, lighting and power, general maintenance, plumbing, rubbish, or technology please submit either a ServiceNow Facilities request or via the Snap Send Solve app.

2. For anyone WITHOUT a University username and password, or if you are unable to access ERMS for any reason, please use the available hardcopy forms and contact your supervisor or a local health and Safety Business Partner for assistance. Please refer to the right hand corner of the page for the available hardcopy forms.

Is it notifiable?

A notifiable incident is one that causes serious injury, illness or death. It could also be a dangerous incident that exposes someone to serious risk.

If you are unsure if the incident is notifiable please refer to:

If it is still unclear, speak with your local Health and Safety Business Partner for clarification.