Checklists/Inspections and Audit Register

Guidance for accessibility, completing a checklist/inspection and troubleshooting

Access and notifications

  • Access levels

    The following table outlines the available access levels to staff to undertake a checklist or inspection (Checklists and Inspections module), to view, monitor and report on submitted reports (Audit Register):

    Checklists & Inspections module access
    (Undertake an Inspection)
    Action General StaffSupervisor/Manager Health and Safety
    Business Partner
    Undertake a checklist/inspection Can undertake a checklist Can undertake a checklist Can provide guidance and advice on how to undertake a checklist/inspection 
    Save as a Draft Report will save as a Draft and will populate your Audit Register under Draft tab
    Submit a reportAll reports submitted by a user will populate their Audit Register under Checklists and Inspections tabAll reports submitted by a supervisor or their direct reports will populate the Supervisor's Audit Register All reports submitted under the Business Unit the user has responsibility for as the local Health and Safety Business Partner
    Audit / Checklist Register module access
    (Review, monitor, action Inspection)
    Action General StaffSupervisor/Manager Health and Safety
    Business Partner
    Access to Audit RegisterAll users have access to the Audit Register.
    The Checklists and Inspections tab is the only area of the Audit Register in use at this time.
    View submitted reportsAll tab shows all reports submitted;
    Open tab shows reports with outstanding action items;
    Completed tab shows completed reports (no action items or all action items complete)
    Reports you have submitted will be visible.Reports you submitted will be visible.
    Reports your direct reports have submitted will be visible if submitted under the correct business unit.
    All reports submitted under the Business Unit you have responsible for a the local health and safety Business Partner
    Monitor and follow up on action itemsReports with outstanding action items are visible under Open tabReports with outstanding action items are visible under Open tab.
    Can view reports submitted under the same business unit.
    Reports with outstanding action items are visible under Open tab in order to monitor reports across a Business Unit and provide guidance to Supervisors
    Assigned an action item to completeIf an action item has been assigned, it will show on the ERMS Dashboard and in the My Tasks tab
    Extract data and run reports Can not run reportsCan run reports on all reports undertake in their Business Unit (ie Department, School) Can run reports on all reports undertake in their Business Unit (ie Reporting Division, Faculty, Department, School)
  • Automatic notifications
    A notification is sent when:A notification is sent to:
    Task AllocatedThe person allocated the task
    Task ModifiedThe person allocated the task
  • pocketAudit app setup

    pocketAudit can be used for entering inspections on a tablet using either an Apple or Android device.

    Initial setup is required to access this University-linked app. Follow the steps in PocketAudit setup instructions. Once setup is complete users can access the Checklists and Inspections module using their University username and password to access the University -linked app.

Complete a checklist/inspection

  • Step by step guidance

    Content coming soon

  • Reference Information

    Depending on local area requirements, the Reference Information section on the initial page of an inspection or checklist may be used a number of ways. Some examples are:

    • Record multiple rooms being inspected rather than selecting multiple rooms individually in the Location drop down options
    • Record further information relating to the inspection/checklist
    • Leave blank - this is a free text field it does not populate anywhere else in the checklist.

    Information added under Reference Information will be shown on the printed report and in one of the columns in the Audit Register.

  • Audit Participants

    Who should be included under Audit participants?

    The user creating the report should include all participants who were involved in undertaking the checklist or inspection.

    It is suggested that users add participants by using the search function to ensure participant accuracy. Please note: even when using the search function, the report will not populate the Audit Register of participants but will ensure their name is spelt correctly and future enhancements may leverage off this link.

    Currently the listed audit participants cannot see the audits they participated in their Audit Register, however we are working on getting an enhancement to the system which would link profiles listed in the Audit Participant section to provide view access to all reports they participated in.

  • Action Item

    How much information should be included in an Action Item?

    When creating an Action Item more information is better. Action Item information may include:

    • location specifics - if inspecting a number of rooms or floors, it is a good idea to include room/level details in both the Findings/Observations field and with the associated actions item/s.
    • details of the action required

    When actions are assigned, the system-generated email only includes the information in the Action Item field. It is important to include enough information in this section for the person assigned the task to be able to complete the action without having to open and read the whole report.

  • Attachment a document or image

    How do I add an attachment?

    Use the Add Attachment option within the section it relates to. A paperclip is added when an attachment has been uploaded successfully.

    Do NOT use the attachment icon on the top ribbon.

  • Save a draft

    A checklist or inspection can be saved as a Draft at any time.

    A draft report is only visible to the user creating the report.

    To find a draft report:

    1. open the Audit/Checklist Register
    2. select the Checklists/Inspections tab and
    3. click on the Draft button.

Guidance and troubleshooting

  • Can not locate an inspections/checklist

    Business unit selected is incorrect

    If a user selects the incorrect business unit (as per the organisation in Themis or StudentOne), they may not be able to locate the inspection in their Audit Register once complete.

    An open report can be updated

    If the checklist/inspection is open (either in draft or open with outstanding action items), the business unit can be updated by the person who created the report. If the person who created the report is no longer at the university contact Health & Safety Assist to request the business unit be amended, remember to add the checklist/inspection number and name of who undertook the inspection.

    A closed/complete report can not be updated

    If the checklist/inspection is closed/complete (saved with no actions or all actions complete), the business unit can not be amended. It is suggested the report be re-entered with the correct business unit.

    Selecting an incorrect Business Unit also means the local Health and Safety Business Partner cannot locate the checklist/inspection to view, amend or report on.

  • Error message

    If ERMS returns an error message or can’t be accessed, clearing your computer cache can often fix the problem. To quickly clear the computer cache, click Ctrl+F5.

    If the issue continues, please log a IT Services request (select Fix Something -> Applications. Under Application name select ERMS - Technical Support) for assistance.

  • Filter for a specific report or set of reports

    Use the filter icon in the top left ribbon to filter based on any combination of one or more of the following:

    • Reference number
    • Submitter
    • Audit location
    • Business unit
    • Reference information

    Select the Filter you want to use and then click Apply.

    To clear your filter selection, click on Filter again, click on Clear All and click Apply again.

    Note: results will be limited based on individual user access level.

  • Greyed out questions

    Some inspections have built-in logic. If you answer a question a certain way, the system will skip (grey out) one or more of the following questions based on the responses to earlier questions. Greyed out questions are inactive and no information can be recorded.

    For example: The ERMS Workplace Inspection form is built so if a user completes a hardcopy inspection outside of ERMS they don't need to re-record all the information.  If the user selects 'No' for 'I want to complete a Workplace Inspection electronically' (on page 1), the user can upload the hardcopy form and only needs to record the action items arising, under this question only (page 1). After uploading the hardcopy inspection and recording action items, the user can click on the blue button ('Attached hard copy form, complete action items, then click to proceed') button below the question. Clicking the blue button will take users directly to the last question - past all the greyed out questions. The rest of the form is greyed out because the details of the inspection will have been recorded in the hardcopy attached and action items under the same section.