Workplace Safety Australia


You can access Workplace Safety Australia's safety and environmental member home website at Worksafe (

  1. On the home page, select Customer Login from the top row of options (either safety or environmental law login).
  2. Access both the safety and environmental member home websites via the safety law login tab.
  3. When the log in screen is displayed, enter your username and password.
    1. User ID: JSSM6316BUS
    2. Password: unimel16b (all lower case)
  4. The Welcome Screen will then be displayed showing Welcome University of Melbourne. If it doesn’t, the login process did not complete successfully, in which case click on the Logout tab located on the right hand side of the page and repeat the login process.

What is on the website

There is a menu of the information categories and other key facilities available to you (this menu is to the far left of the screen with a dark blue background). By clicking on each of the menu headings, you will be able to access that section of the website.

In the centre of the page is the New Additions section. Here you will find links to the latest website additions, including the most recent alerts, new court results and changes to legislation.

Remember to Logout

When you have finished your session please remember to log out correctly by clicking on the Logout tab located on the right hand side of the screen. If the logout process is not completed correctly, your account will take an hour to reset itself when you next attempt to log in, so you would be effectively locked out of the website for that period.