Frequently Asked Questions

Before enrollment

  • How can I be nominated as a workplace first aider?

    An email nomination or confirmation from your supervisor is sufficient. You don't have to send us the nomination or upload it to TrainME.

    Your supervisor will be notified once you have enrolled and sign up for a session.

  • I am not a workplace first aider, can I still attend the first aid training?

    Yes, you can attend training but the cost will not be centrally funded. An invoice will be sent to you or your local area for payment.

  • Can I train elsewhere and get reimbursed after?

    No. Invoices from other training providers will not be reimbursed, even if it is for a nominated workplace first aider.

  • Do I need any previous training to enroll in Provide First Aid?

    There is no prerequisite to enroll in Provide First Aid.

    Provide First Aid is the minimum requirement for any workplace first aider at the University.

  • Do I need to enroll in both Provide First Aid and CPR?

    No. The Provide First Aid course includes CPR training.

    If you only require CPR you can enrol in just the CPR Refresher course.

  • What is the retrain period for Provide First Aid and CPR?

    Provide First Aid is valid for three years. If you continue to be a nominated workplace first aider, you should redo your training every three years.

    CPR is valid for one year. A yearly refresher is available for some staff due to their role but it is not compulsory.

  • Is it compulsory to refresh CPR each year?

    No. CPR refresher is for the best practice, but it is not compulsory. As long as the Provide First Aid certificate is valid, one can act as a workplace first aider (if nominated). Some roles at the University require only the annual CPR Refresher course.

  • How do I know I have signed up for a class?

    After you have filled in the Enrolment Form, a member of the Health and Safety Services team will contact the training provider on your behalf. Once the provider has confirmed your enrolment we will send you a confirmation e-mail.

    Once your enrolment is confirmed, you will also receive an enrolment email from the training provider. Please make sure you check your inbox (including spam) as the email will include a link for pre-course training and instructions to register your Unique Student Identifier (USI).

  • Why can't I see the upcoming session dates?

    There are two reasons why you cannot see a future session:

    • you are currently booked in for training
    • you have completed training in the past 2.5 years
    • training sessions are being organised (due to demand or in preparation for the next year) and  TrainME sessions will be published when we have confirmation of the schedule

    The retrain booking is open 6 months before your current first aid certificate expires.

  • I am a student, can I sign up myself?

    No, students cannot sign themselves up. The First Aid Training & Guidance page has further information regarding student enrollment.

    If you want to book in for a session please email Health & Safety Services.

After enrollment

  • I just signed up in TrainME, when will I receive the prework?

    Once you have signed up for a session in TrainME, you are put on an attendance list. The list will be sent to the external training provider RealResponse 1-2 weeks before the training date.

    Once they have registered you in their system, you will receive an enrolment email titled 'New User Email' which includes the student portal link and login credentials.

    If you sign up within a week, please notify Health & Safety Services, as there is a chance you may receive the enrolment email after the training.

    If you don't receive the enrolment email, please check your spam/junk inbox.

  • I signed up in time, why haven't I received the enrolment email?

    If you have previously trained with RealResponse, you will not receive another 'New User Email'. Search in your inbox for the original email, or email RealReasponse requesting they resend you the initial email to finalise your enrollment.

  • What do I need to do in the RealResponse student portal?

    There is enrolment and pre-course assessment to do in the RealResponse student portal before the training. In the enrolment process, you need to submit your personal information (Full legal name, date of birth and your Unique Student Identifier (USI) number).

    Create your USI with your full legal name at and ensure your name matches the one for the enrolment.

    CPR Refresher training does not require online assessment.

  • How much time do I have to finish the assessment?

    For a better training experience, it is recommended to complete the online assessment before the training, however you can still complete it after the training. If you complete it afterwards, email RealReasponse as they don't get notified automatically.

    The online pre-course work/assessment is only available for 3 months after the training date. After 3 months it is no longer accessible. If you do not complete the online assessment in time, you will fail the training and need to recomplete it in full.

    You will receive a first aid certificate only after all training is completed.

  • I have completed the training, why is it not marked 'Completed' in TrainME?

    Ensure you complete the online enrolment and assessment in the RealResponse student portal and keep an eye out for any reminder emails indicating unfinished steps.

    Completion in TrainME is marked manually which can be delayed for up to a month after the training is complete.  If you have received your certificate and your TrainME status is still showing 'In progress' please email Health & Safety Services with the certificate Issue Date and your record will be updated.

Onsite training

  • How do I organise an onsite training session?

    There will be no onsite training sessions arranged at the University due to limited staff returning to campus in 2021 and the advice from our training provider.  All provide first aid training sessions will continue to be run online with equipment delivered to participants.

    Onsite Remote First Aid training is also on hold until early 2021.

  • Is there any minimum/maximum for organising an onsite first aid session?

    Yes, there needs to be at least 10 attendees for an onsite Provide First Aid session to run. Alternatively, 9 Provide First Aid and 2 CPR also meets the minimum number requirement.

    Each session is capped at 18 attendees for the best training experience. If more than 18 people need to be trained, additional training sessions are required.

    Note: No onsite first aid training sessions will be arranged at the University for the remainder of 2020 and into 2021.

    If you have further questions, please email Health & Safety Services.