First aid training is delivered by an external provider. First Aid Management and Training provide accredited training that prepares you with the knowledge and skills to provide emergency pre-hospital care to injured or ill persons. There are various levels and specialisations for first aid training. You can get advice on choosing the right course from the Health & Safety Training Requirements Matrix or by consulting your local health and safety contact.

The available first aid training sessions include:

  • Provide First Aid (also known as Level 2. Includes CPR) – HLTAID003, and
  • Provide Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) – HLTAID001

For more information, email Anne Parker, from First Aid Management and Training or phone +61 3 9894 1013.

To prepare for the training sessions:

  • Contact Anne Parker two to three weeks before your session to receive your workbook before the training date
  • Make sure you are physically capable of kneeling on the floor for at least 5 minutes to practice CPR on a manikin
  • Wear comfortable and flat footwear in which you can easily kneel on the floor to your session


Your division is responsible for arranging and paying for your first aid training. Purchase orders are to be raised via iProcurement. Please note that first aid training is now a cataloged item. You do not need to raise a non-cataloge request anymore. Detailed instructions on how to order first aid training in iProcurement can assist staff further.

  • browse cataloged items in iProcurement's Health and Safety training section in Themis Staff Self Service
  • select either CPR training or Level 2 First aid training (includes CPR)
  • when checking out, please state the names of the participants and the date of training desired

First aid risk assessments determine the number of first aiders and the minimal level of training required for each local area.

You may require additional training for many of the specialist first aid requirements including:

  • Provide Basic emergency life support HLTAID002
  • Provide first aid in remote situations HLTAID005


  • CPR – $60.00 per person
  • First Aid Level 2 – $ 150.00 per person (includes CPR)

Course dates - 2017

MonthDateCPR First Aid – Level 2Capacity
October Friday 6  9am-12pm 9am-5pm 25
October Thursday 26 9am-12pm 9am-5pm 25
November Friday 10 9am-12pm 9am-5pm 25
November Wednesday 22 9am-12pm 9am-5pm 25
December Tuesday 12 9am-12pm 9am-5pm 25