Travel and off campus work

International travel, fieldwork and off campus activities


All University staff travel is governed by the following policies:

Staff Travel Policy (MPF1300)

Student Travel and Transport Policy (MPF1209).

Requirements and Processes

Health & Safety: Travel and off-campus requirements

Health & Safety - Undertake travel and off campus activities


Staff can refer to UniTravel for all bookings and further advice.

Refer to Insurance for information on travel cover.

  • International travel

    The University defines a high risk destination based on Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) advice levels. Currently the University determines this with the following advisories:

    • Level 3 - Reconsider your need to travel (all regions)
    • Level 4 - Do not travel (all regions)
    • Other specific advice from DFAT or travel advice about study or academic activity provided to the University. The Travel Approval Alert provides further information to be considered by supervisors before approving international travel.

    Other sources of travel advisories and alerts:

    The Travel to high risk destinations risk assessment form is needed when you are asking for approval to travel to a high risk international destination on University business.

    Travel vaccinations may be required depending on your travel plans. Guidance and more information is available from the Occupational Health Nurse.

    Personal Travel

    The University will not approve or provide support for personal travel to high risk destinations.

    1. Travellers undertaking personal international travel are encouraged to review and take into account the Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Smartraveller advisories for each intended destination.
    2. Travellers are encouraged to review and consider:
      1. country and region advice; and
      2. their personal circumstances and attributes, including social media presence (including references to University of Melbourne, course, research or other academic pursuit) as relevant to the advisory.
      3. advice for all travellers:
    3. Travellers who are citizens or residents of other countries, including dual nationals, are encouraged to review and consider the travel advisories published by the government of the respective countries.
    4. Travellers must not take University of Melbourne assets, including mobile phones, tables and computers, when undertaking personal travel to international destinations.
    5. Travellers undertaking personal travel must not engage in any coursework or research activity associated with their University of Melbourne course and/employment.
    6. Travellers need to arrange travel insurance for any personal travel to high risk destinations which occurs before, after or within any period of authorised university travel.
  • Off campus activities

    Off campus activities include any University supervised or coordinated route, travel or excursion to an off campus location for the purposes of extracurricular activities. The following forms are available for use:

  • Field work