And the winners are...


A big Thank You to our amazing presenters

Step Challenge

Netting blowing in the wind
Photo credit: Erin Leeder

Step Photo Competition winner

  • Erin Leeder

Step Challenge Team winners

After dominating all four of the weekly challenges, Wonderful Team of Five took out the challenge. The team consists of:

  • Dani Norman
  • Ira Tedja
  • Rosie O'Halloran
  • Steve Guggenheimer
  • Su Butler

Wonderful Team of Five walked a total of 2,032,506 steps during October, which averages:

  • 508,126 steps per week for the whole team;
  • 101,625 steps per week per person
  • 14,517 per day per person
  • or alternatively, the team relay-walked from Melbourne to Coober Pedy in South Australia or Ipswich in Queensland!

Most Steps winner

  • Dani Norman

Wellbeing Bingo

Crochet cherry blossom bonsai tree
Photo credit: Verity Fisher

Overall winner

  • Lisa Lovel

Participation winner

  • Laura Fernandez

Be Creative winner

  • Verity Fisher

Photography Competition

Nature category winner

  • Hamid Soleimaninejad
View of branches converging overhead
Photo credit: Hamid Soleimaninejad

Man-made category winner

  • Hamid Soleimaninejad
Old Arts bell tower on a sunny day with no people
Photo credit: Hamid Soleimaninejad

Living category winner

  • Lisa Lovell
Butterfly on a branch
Photo credit: Lisa Lovell

Trivia Masterminds

Footy trivia winners podium

Evolution of the Office Chair trivia winners

(items donated by BackCare and Seating)

  • Verity Fisher won a sit stand desk
  • Imran Zaveer won a desk chair

AFL Footy trivia winner

  1. Dani Norman (Dani)
  2. Janine Pritchard (Joffa)
  3. John Antunes (Trump)
Kahoot trivia podium winners

Halloween trivia winners

  1. Rochelle Sullivan (Kiwimelbs)
  2. Verity Fisher (V)
  3. Kim Burke (Tigger)