Melbourne University Sport

Staying active with MUSport has a range of online ways to help you stay active, from workouts and stretching plans to challenges and competitions.


Do you ride to the university? Use the Cycling@Unimelb Map to locate bike parking, bike repair stations, drinking fountains, showers and change room facilities on Parkville campus.

Melbourne University Sport alongside the Campus Services Sustainability Team host regular Ride2Uni breakfasts for UniMelb cyclists. At past Ride2Uni events, cyclists have enjoyed free coffee, a light breakfast and help with bike repairs. Keep an eye out on the Sustainability events page for details of future events.

Melbourne Farmers Market

The Melbourne Farms Market is held on Wednesdays at Union Lawn. Purchase some delicious Victorian produce to take home or enjoy lunch at the market. Remember to ask for your lunch to be served on a reusable plate, and drop off your used dishes with the Wash Club volunteers.


Contemplative Studies Centre fuses contemplative wisdom, innovative research, lifelong education, authentic dialogue and practice in the pursuit of knowledge to allow us, our society, and our world to flourish.

    Amid the action and distraction that fill everyday life, contemplative practices help to provide insight and connection into who we are, who we want to be, and what is most meaningful to us. With foundations in introspection, connection and awareness, contemplative practices help individuals to achieve a quieting of the mind, realisation of what it is to be human, and aid in the development of a more balanced and ethical life. These profound practices have the potential to transform not just individuals but the entirety of human society, through greater connection.


Bugs and Brains: The Gut and Mental Health Study - The Bugs and Brains Study is aiming to better understand the role of the microbiome, particularly in relation to some common mental and physical health conditions. We are also interested in learning about how the microbiome is related to biological functions (such as levels of hormones and inflammation), stress, and wellbeing.

The Victorian Oral Microbiome and Lifestyle Study (Vicspit) - The Victorian Oral Microbiome and Lifestyle Study aims to better understand the bacteria that live in our mouths, and how they vary with different lifestyles, diets, and backgrounds.

Activities you could organise locally

Get together with your work colleagues and organise one of the following:

Lego T-rex showing it's teeth
Spend time with a friendly dinosaur
  • Lunchtime walking groups - our campuses are stunning and anytime is a great time to get out and enjoy the views.
  • Walking meetings - take your meeting outside and get some fresh air and exercise while you discuss work.
  • Meet outside to enjoy the University campus surrounds.
  • Healthy eating group - share recipes, organise a cooking class or a grazing lunch to share your home cooked meals.
  • Healthy lunchbox completion - bring a healthy varied homemade lunch with no plastic packaging.
  • Book or movie clubs.
  • Crafting groups in the park or over lunch.