Working from home or remotely

Mobile technology has revolutionised the way we work, making it relatively easy to work anywhere, anytime. Opportunities exist to conduct work in less-traditional settings such as hotel rooms, in transit, or in the home.

Working remotely requires adjustment to the way we work which can present physical and mental challenges. We may not always have access to the same type of furniture and equipment that we might have in the workplace or the same level of connectivity or digital support.

As remote working continues, the University's designated COVID-19 website has additional information regarding working form home.

If you are undertaking field work, some of the following information may be relevant, however the main processes and guidance for these activities are found on the Travel and Off Campus page.

Video resources

The following videos contain easy to understand tips for healthy use of devices:

Laptop Ergonomics - Healthy use of laptops at home

Healthy use of laptops everywhere (planes, trains and in hotels)

Healthy use of Smartphones