Warden training and equipment


Chief Wardens, Deputy Chief Wardens and Wardens must have valid up to date training in the following courses:

  • Warden training (online)
  • Fire extinguisher training (face-to-face)

Enrollment on the above courses is via TrainME.

Chief Warden Introductory training  (full day, face-to-face) is also recommended for Chief Wardens and Deputy Chief Wardens. The training sessions are arranged on an ad hoc basis. Sign up to the waitlist via TrainME if no current session is available.

Please note that we are currently reviewing the Warden handbook and have made it unavailable from the website to ensure correct and updated information is provided. If you have any Warden related questions or wish to obtain a copy of the past version, please get in touch with the Emergency and Business Resilience Team (e-br@unimelb.edu.au).

Required equipment:

  1. an identification cap
    • Warden: a yellow cap with 'FLOOR WARDEN' embroidered on the front.
    • Chief Warden: a white cap with 'CHIEF WARDEN' embroidered on the front.
  2. an identification vest
    • Floor Warden: a yellow safety vest with 'FLOOR WARDEN' embroidered on the back of the vest.
    • Chief Warden, including Deputy Chief Warden: a white safety vest with 'CHIEF WARDEN' OR 'DEPUTY CHIEF WARDEN' on the back of the vest.

Optional equipment:

  1. a torch for use in case of a blackout
  2. a megaphone (particularly for buildings without a Fire Indicator Panel).
  3. a list of employees in the area, if practical, to assist in accounting for people in the assembly area
  4. Chief wardens will also need a 003 key for the Fire Indicator Panel.

Ordering equipment:

Wardens should consult their Chief Warden, who is responsible for ordering the appropriate equipment and helmets.

Chief wardens can contact Health and Safety Services to request these items on behalf of themselves and their wardens. Items issued by the Emergency and Business Resilience Team are free to authorised wardens. All equipment remains the property of the University and must be returned if you leave your position as a warden.