Requirements, processes and documents open for consultation


The University community is consulted about changes to health and safety policy, requirements and processes. Sometimes feedback and participation for surveys and trials is also sought.

Consultation helps generate better health and safety policy, requirements and processes, and to achieve healthier, safer and more environmentally sustainable workplace outcomes for the University.

When a change to health and safety policy, requirements or processes is proposed, a direct email notification will be sent to key stakeholders, including elected employee Health & Safety Representatives. Proposed changes will always be available for comment for at least ten working days.

All staff are encouraged to provide written comments on the consultation papers posted on this page.

Papers currently available for consultation

Draft document title Consultation expiry date
No documents in consultation at presentn/a

How to provide comments

  1. Review the document or process.
  2. For processes in ProMapp please use the Feedback option within the process.
    For all other consultation feedback please email Please include the document title in the Subject field.
  3. To guarantee consideration, comments must be received by 5.00pm on the consultation expiry date.
  4. The Associate Director, Health & Safety, will consider all comments submitted by staff and, where relevant, take account of the comments into the ongoing development of the policy, requirements, process or initiative in question.

What happens next?

For recently published Health & Safety policies, requirements and processes, please refer to the Change Log.