Ergonomics and Human Factors

What is ergonomics?

Ergonomics is understanding the interaction between people and other elements of a system. It is about applying human sciences to design and evaluate work systems, processes, environments, tasks, jobs, and equipment that match human capabilities and limitations. The aim of ergonomics is to optimise comfort, wellbeing, and productivity and minimise the risk of physical and psychological injury. The Health and Safety Ergonomics Requirements and supplementary materials found on the following pages aim to provide simple, practical information and advice in regard to optimising health and preventing ergonomic-related injuries

What ergonomic services are available at UoM?

  • Specialist advice related to designing safe, functional, workspaces, environments, and fit-outs to accommodate human variation and diversity.
  • Assistance with conducting risk assessments of tasks, work systems, and environments particularly related to heavy manual handling.
  • Review of usability of products, equipment, systems, and processes measured against standards and industry benchmarks.
  • Assessment of individuals with complex musculoskeletal disorders or health conditions and identification of strategies to maximise capacity.
  • Design and delivery of task-specific injury prevention training packages in line with relevant regulatory requirements and industry standards.

How can I access ergonomics services?

  • Ergonomics services can be accessed by submitting a ticket through ServiceNow
  • This service is available to all staff at the University of Melbourne.