Training and guidance

Update: May 2022

Provide First Aid courses are booked online via TrainME.

To be eligible for centralised funding you must meet the following criteria before booking online:
  1. Be an employee of the University of Melbourne
  2. Be undertaking training to be a workplace first aider
  3. Have managerial approval to complete the training (evidence of this will need to be provided to Health & Safety Services)
Access to training is prioritised (with managerial approval) by:
  1. Essential staff currently working on campus
  2. Workplace first aiders returning to campus
  3. Others with special requests

Become a workplace first aider

First aiders provide initial emergency treatment and life support for people suffering injury or illness.

First aiders are appointed by supervisors in each area. If you would like to become a first aider (including for fieldworks), please discuss the opportunity with your supervisor. First aiders must hold a current Provide Frist Aid certificate.

Please also inform your building's Chief Warden and your local Health and Safety Business Partner who needs to include your details on building emergency information posters.

It is recommended that you familiarise yourself with Emergency Information, Incident and Hazard Reporting and the locations of defibrillators around campus.

First aid training

Available first aid training sessions include:

  • HLTAID003 - Provide First Aid (Level2), includes CPR
  • HLTAID001 - Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
  • HLTAID005 - Remote First Aid, offered 2-3 times per year
  • First Aid - Bleeding Control

For advice on choosing the right course please consult your supervisor or Health and Safety Business Partner.

The minimum qualification requirement for a workplace first aider is Provide First Aid. Yearly CPR refresher is recommended, but not compulsory. If you enrol into a Provide First Aid course, CPR is included.


To successfully enrol into this course you need to fill in an Enrolment Form.

After your Enrolment Form is submitted, Health and Safety Assist will contact the training provider on your behalf and will let you know once your enrolment is confirmed.

Additionally, after your enrolment is confirmed, you will receive an enrolment email from the training provider. Please make sure you check your inbox (including spam) as the email will include:

  • instructions on how to register your USI (Unique Student Identifier), and
  • a link to your pre-course training materials (these should be completed prior to in-person training).

If you have any questions regarding this process, please see the frequently asked questions page for assistance. If further help is required, please email your question/s to Health and Safety Assist.

Cost of participation

Centrally funded

The cost of first aid training will be centrally funded for those who are:

  • nominated as first aider by their supervisor, and
  • an employee of The University of Melbourne in a continuing, fixed term or casual role
  • attending training facilitated by Health and Safety Services, Business Services.

Before enrolling into first aid training on TrainME, ensure you:

  • have managerial approval (evidence will be requested prior to enrolment)
  • agree to the responsibility of being a workplace first aider
  • agree to your contact details being published in your building as a first aider

For training dates, enrolment and session information please visit the TrainME course catalog. If you are having issues with the enrolment, please visit the TrainME support page.

Note: Central funding is only available for courses facilitated by Health and Safety Services, Business Services.  Reimbursement will not be provided for any costs associated with first aid training undertaken outside of the Health and Safety Services facilitated courses.

Local area funded

The cost of first aid training will not be centrally funded for those who are:

  • not a nominated workplace first aider
  • an employee/member of an entity affiliated with the University (eg. UMSU, GSA, Student Clubs, UoM subsidiary companies)
  • a student

Although not eligible for centrally funded training, we have negotiated with our preferred supplier to pass on our corporate prices. If you would like to attend a first aid training session with costs covered by your local area, please email Health and Safety Assist stating the date and course you wish to attend. The request and subsequent booking needs to be made at least 7 days prior to the training date.  The supplier will send you (or an email you nominate) an invoice directly for payment.

Automated external defibrillator training

Automated external defibrillators (AEDs) are used to provide first aid to a person experiencing suspected sudden cardiac arrest (heart attack). Although current first aid training (such as Provide First Aid) includes training in the use of AEDs, they are designed to be used by anyone, even those without training. The contractor has a short online training video that outlines AED use and may be useful as an introduction to AED use or to refresh current knowledge.

Mental health training for staff

Counselling & Psychological Services (CAPS) provide a range of mental health training for staff at the university. Visit the Counselling & Psychological Services website for details and dates.