Purchasing or Hiring Goods and Services


Health & Safety: Purchasing or Hiring Goods and Services Requirements


Safety Bulletin 2019/03: Pre-purchase assessment

Australian Standards commonly used in purchasing

Pre-purchase checklist

A health and safety pre-purchase checklist is essential to ensure that, before you decide to purchase plant, equipment or chemicals, you have considered:

  • The potential risks to the health and safety of people or the environment associated with the item purchased
  • how you will eliminate or mitigate these risks; and
  • what new or additional hazards will be present in your workplace or systems of work as a result of the purchase

Purchasing furniture for home environment

Wherever possible, purchase office furniture from the University’s preferred supplier. If you cannot purchase office furniture from the University’s preferred suppliers then there are some important things consider:

  • When ordering an item on line check the specifications carefully and read any reviews
  • When purchasing furniture requiring assembly, be sure you have the right tools and assistance. Assembling can mean handling and manipulating awkward and heavy furniture
  • When purchasing from a store take a tape measure with you