Early support services

The University of Melbourne has developed a new initiative called Early Support Services, to support employees with work-related injuries sustained out of or in the course of their employment.

The primary objective of this service is to assist injured employees to receive early medical treatments, thus facilitating their recovery from the work-related injuries.

This service aims to assist eligible employees who have sustained a minor work-related injury resulting in the employee seeking medical attention and/or services. Assistance may include reimbursements for reasonable medical and like expenses associated with the injury.

Log an Early Support Services request

Documents and Guidance Material

Early Support Services - Information sheet

Early Support Services - Framework

Early Support Services - Request From (for employees without access to ServiceNow)

Note: By requesting/accessing Early Support Services, is not a direct admission of liability for your WorkCover claim should you submit one.


For assistance or further information, please email Early Support Services or contact your local Health and Safety Business Partner.