Travel and off campus work

International travel, fieldwork and off campus activities

If you are travelling or undertaking off campus activities where you find yourself working in a hotel room or whilst in transit then you may find additional useful information on the Working from home or remotely page.


All University-related travel is governed by the following policies:

People travelling on University-related business (including fieldwork, conferences) are expected to behave appropriately at all times. Appropriate behaviour is governed by the following policies:

Refer to the University Safer Community Program website that promotes a respectful and inclusive University community. The Safer Community Program provides support and advice to members of the University of Melbourne community about inappropriate, concerning or threatening behaviour.

Requirements and Processes

Health & Safety: Travel and off-campus requirements

Health & Safety - Undertake travel and off campus activities


Staff can refer to UniTravel for all bookings and further advice.

Refer to Insurance for information on travel cover.