Customer and Task Site numbers

Reference numbers

Cleanaway Daniels Services has set up Customer and Task Site (TS) reference numbers for each customer in each building.

The Customer number is used for billing purposes, the Task Site number is used to identify the customer's physical address where the waste is located.

For a timely and accurate service, please quote the TS number allocated to your department and building when submitting the hazardous waste request to Cleanaway Daniels Services.

Faculty/ServicesDepartment/Unit Customer
Task Site (TS)
102 Bio21 Molecular Science and
Biotechnology Institute        
Science Bio21 C-022480 TS-038370
125 Western Edge Biosciences (WEBs) FVAS FVAS @ WEBS C-022470 TS-038360
125 Western Edge Biosciences (WEBs) MDHS Biochemistry and Molecular
Biology @ WEB
C-023610 TS-040419
125 Western Edge Biosciences (WEBs) MDHS Pharmacology @ WEBS C-023611 TS-040418
147 BioSciences 4 Science BioSciences C-022469 TS-038359
147 BioSciences 4 FVAS FVAS C-022522 TS-038425
153 Chemistry West Science Chemistry C-022458 TS-038348
153 Chemistry West Engineering Biomedical Engineering - Cell and Tissue C-024607 TS-043066
153 Chemistry West Engineering Teaching - Vassey Laboratory C-024353 TS-042423
181 Medical Building MDHS Anatomy and Neuroscience C-022459 TS-038349
181 Medical Building MDHS Biochemistry and Molecular
C-022461 TS-038350
181 Medical Building MDHS Histology C-022462 TS-038351
181 Medical Building MDHS Pharmacology C-022463 TS-038352
181 Medical Building MDHS Physiology C-022464 TS-038353
181 Medical Building Bioresources Platform BRF @ Medical Building C-022465 TS-038355
184 Old Microbiology FVAS FVAS C-022467 TS-038357
194Biosciences 5FVASFood ScienceC-026073TS-048552
207Berkeley Street (MDHS)MDHSPhysiotherapyC-022934TS-048081
248 Peter Doherty Institute MDHS Microbiology and Immunology C-022472 TS-038362
248 Peter Doherty Institute Bioresources Platform BRF @ PDI C-022946 TS-039604
260 SHS MDHS School of Health Sciences C-022934 TS-039586
261 Centre for Neural Engineering Engineering Centre for Neural Engineering -
Electrical and Electronic Engineering
C-022475 TS-038366
400VET Preclinical SciencesFVASVET Preclinical SciencesC-026033TS-048471
415 U-Vet / Veterinary Clinic and Hospital Uvet Uvet C-022484 TS-038374
418 250 Princes Highway, Werribee FVAS Faculty of Veterinary and
Agriculture Sciences (FVAS)
C-022483 TS-038373
510 Dookie Campus FVAS FVAS C-022482 TS-038372
702 The Royal Dental Hospital MDHS Dental School C-022822 TS-039199
744 Creswick campus, Water Street, Creswick, 3363 Sience Creswick C-022490 TS-038386
- The Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital MDHS Otolaryngology C-022485 TS-038375